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摘要 :   Part B  Directions:  Write an esay of 160-270 words based on the picture below. In your esay, you should:  (1) describe the picture briefly  (2) Interpret the implied meaning, and  (3) Give your comments  Write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET  (20 points)     【参考范文】  ...

  Part B


  Write an essay of 160-270 words based on the picture below. In your essay, you should:

  (1) describe the picture briefly

  (2) Interpret the implied meaning, and

  (3) Give your comments

  Write your answer on the ANSWER SHEET

  (20 points)




  The cartoon provides us with a thought-provoking scene: two men are climbing a hill, but one of them desires to give up due to tiredness, while the other one encourages him to keep going.

  Undoubtedly, the cartoonist aims at reminding us of the significance of persistence. At the top of the list, we should attach importance to perseverance mainly due to that it can enable us to ameliorate ourselves so we can be qualified for future career promotion, and be ready for meeting the forthcoming challenges.What’s more, we ought to place a high value on the role played by persistence in personal growth. Put it another way, in this ever-changing world, perseverance is to personal growth what water is to fish. To sum up, if persistence misses our attention in any possible way, we will suffer a great loss beyond imagination.

  Hence, it is vital for us to derive positive implications from the above cartoon. For one thing, we should frequently use it to enlighten the young. For another, we should cultivate the awareness of teenagers that it is very vital to keep going toward our goals. Only by doing so, can we become winner in the face of difficulties.



  毫无疑问,图画的作者旨在提醒我们坚持重要性。首先,我们应该重视坚持,主要是因为坚持可以让我们完善自身,这样我们未来才有资格得到职业生涯的进步,才能做好准备迎接以后的挑战。另外,我们也应该重视坚持在个人成长方面的作用。在这个多变的时代,坚持对于个人成长就像水对于鱼一样重要。 换言之,如果我们以任何可能的形式忽视坚持,我们将遭受非常巨大的损失。因此,从以上图画中得出积极的含义非常重要。一方面,我们应该经常用它来启迪年轻人。另外一方面,我们应该培养青少年重视坚持的意识。只有这样,我们才能成为困难面前的赢家。

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