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内容简介 本书是专门为提高考生参加大学英语六级成绩而编写的复习资料,其内容包括2017.6~2019.6的真题及详解,从答案详解、全文翻译、审题构思、范文点评等多角度予以分析,为考生分析了解题技巧,指明了解题思路。

Part Ⅰ Writing (30minutes)
Directions: Supposeyou are asked to give advice on whether to major inscience or humanities at college, write an essay to state your opinion.You are required to write at least 150 words but no more than 200words.
Science or Humanities
(1) Manystudents have difficulties in deciding to major in science or humanities atcollege. As far as I am concerned, it is more advisable for students to choosescience as their major in college. The reasons are as follows:
(2) Firstly, muchemphasis has been put on the development of science in modern societies,which would contribute to the improvement of productivity and the livingstandard of people. For instance, the clean energy like solar power can beapplied to household appliances because of the physics, a branch of science. (3)Secondly, with the help of comprehensive knowledge of science, people canalso deepen their understandings about humanities. (4) Thirdly, thestudy of science rather than humanities makes people more rational and logical whenit comes to deal with complex issues. In addition, the rational thinking is extremelyhelpful in facing emergency.
(5) In aword, considering the benefits of science and humanities, it is moreadvisable for students to major in science in college.
(1) 开门见山,表明大学生选择文理专业时难以抉择的现状并给出自己的观点。
(2) 给出选择理科专业的第一个原因:理科知识推动社会发展,并举例适当拓展。
(3) 给出选择理科专业的第二个原因:学习理科可以帮助人们加深对文科知识的理解。
(4) 给出选择理科专业的第三个原因:学习理科专业可以锻炼人的理性思维和逻辑思维能力。
(5) 总结全文,再次点题。
Part ⅡListening Comprehension (30 minutes)


Section A
Directions: In thissection, you will hear two long conversations. At the end of each conversation,you will hear four questions. Both the conversation and the questions will bespoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answerfrom the four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Then mark the correspondingletter on Answer Sheet 1 with a singleline through the centre.
Questions 1 to 4 arebased on the conversation you have just heard.
1. A) Doing enjoyable work.
B) Havingfriendly colleagues.
C) Earning acompetitive salary.
D) Working forsupportive bosses.
2. A) 31%.
B) 20%.
C) 25%.
D) 73%.
3. A) Those of a small size.
B) Those run bywomen.
C) Those thatare well managed.
D) Those full ofskilled workers.
4. A) They can hop from job to job easily.
B) They can winrecognition of their work.
C) They canbetter balance work and life.
D) They can takeon more than one job.
1. B 根据录音内容可知:对于大多数受访者来说,工作中感到快乐最重要的因素是同事友好,而且能为他们提供支持。故选B。
2. B 根据录音内容可知:在工作中感到不快乐的人数比例为20%,故选B。
3. A 根据录音内容可知:人们更喜欢为人数少于100人的小型组织或企业工作。故选A。
4. C 根据录音内容可知:每日工作4或5个小时的兼职者要比全职者更加快乐。研究人员总结道:这可能是由于他们能在生活和工作中更好地达到平衡。故选C。
W: Welcome to Work Place.And in today’s program, we are looking at the results of two recently publishedsurveys, which both deal with the same topic—Happiness at Work. John, tell usabout the first survey.
M: Well, this was done bya human resources consultancy who interviewed more than 1,000 workers andestablished a top 10 of the factors which make people happy at work. [1] Themost important factor, for the majority of the people interviewed, was havingfriendly, supportive colleagues. In fact, 73% of people interviewed puttheir relationship with colleagues as the key factor contributing to happinessat work, which is a very high percentage. The second most important factor washaving work that is enjoyable. The two least important factors were havingone’s achievements recognized and rather surprisingly, earning a competitivesalary.
W: So we are not mainly motivated by money?
M: Apparently not.
W: Any other interesting information in the survey?
M: Yes. For example, 25%of the working people interviewed described themselves as very happy at work. [2]However, 20% of employees described themselves as being unhappy.
W: That’s quite a lot of unhappy people at work every day.
M: It is, isn’t it? Andthere were several more interesting conclusions revealed by the survey. [3] Firstof all, small is beautiful. People definitely prefer working for smallerorganizations or companies with less than 100 staff. We also find out that,generally speaking, women were happier in their work than men.
W: Yes, we are, aren’t we?
M: [4] And workers onpart-time contracts who only work 4 or 5 hours a day are happier than those whowork full-time. The researchers concluded that this is probably due to a betterwork-life balance.
W: Are bosses happier than their employees?
M: Yes. Perhaps notsurprisingly, the higher people go in a company, the happier they are. Sosenior managers enjoy their jobs more than people working under them.
Questions 1 to 4 arebased on the conversation you have just heard.
1. What is the number one factor that madeemployees happy according to the survey?
2. What is the percentage of the peoplesurveyed who felt unhappy at work?
3. What kind of companies are popular withemployees?
4. What is the possible reason for peopleon part-time contracts to be happier?

Questions 5 to 8 arebased on the conversation you have just heard.
5. A) It is a book of European history.
B) It is anintroduction to music.
C) It is aboutthe city of Bruges.
D) It is acollection of photos.
6. A) When painting the concert hall ofBruges.
B) Whenvacationing in an Italian coastal city.
C) When takingpictures for a concert catalogue.
D) When writingabout Belgium’s coastal regions.
7. A) The entire European coastline will besubmerged.
B) The richheritage of Europe will be lost completely.
C) The seawaterof Europe will be seriously polluted.
D) The majorEuropean scenic spots will disappear.
8. A) Its waterways are being increasinglypolluted.
B) People cannotget around without using boats.
C) It attractslarge numbers of tourists from home and abroad.
D) Tourists usewooden paths to reach their hotels in the morning.
5. D 根据录音内容可知:2006年,布鲁日市音乐厅邀请该男子以水为主题为新音乐季的宣传图册拍摄照片,当时,媒体已经刊登过很多令人震惊的且即将发生的气候灾难文章,即将到来的恐惧成为了他拍摄大型照片集的主题。这表明这本书其实是一本照片集。故选D。
6. C 根据录音内容可知:2006年,布鲁日市音乐厅邀请该男子以水为主题为新音乐季的宣传图册拍摄照片,当时,媒体已经刊登过很多令人震惊的且即将发生的气候灾难文章,即将到来的恐惧成为了他拍摄大型照片集的主题。因此,他是在为音乐厅拍摄宣传图册时有了这种想法。故选C。
7. A 根据录音内容可知:整个欧洲海岸线消失在水下只是时间上的问题。全世界的许多大城市也会出现同样的问题。这表明,当气候灾难发生时,整个欧洲海岸线将被淹没。故选A。
8. D 根据录音内容可知:威尼斯最终也会受到海水的威胁,在这里,每天早上人们都要搭建木制的通道才能让游客到达旅店。故选D。
W: Mr. De Keyzer, I am agreat lover of your book, Moments Before the Flood. Can you tell us howyou first became interested in the subject matter?
M: [6] In 2006, whenthe concert hall of the city of Bruges asked me to take some pictures for acatalogue for a new concert season around the theme of water, I found myselfworking along the Belgian coastline. As there had been numerous alarmingarticles in the press about a climate catastrophe waiting to happen, I startedlooking at the sea and the beach very differently, a place where I spent somany perfect days as a child. [5] This fear of a looming danger became thesubject of a large-scale photo project.
W: You wrote in the book“I don’t want to photograph the disaster; I want to photograph the disasterwaiting to happen.” Can you talk a bit about that?
M: [7] It is clear nowthat it’s a matter of time before the entire European coastline disappearsunder water. The same goes for numerous big cities around the world. Myidea was to photograph this beautiful and very unique coastline, reachinghistory, before it’s too late—as a last witness.
W: Can you talk a bit about how history plays a role in this project?
M: Sure. The project isalso about the history of Europe looking at the sea and wondering when the nextenemy would appear. In the images, you see all kinds of possible defenseconstructions to hold back the Romans, Germans, Vikings, and now nature asenemy No.1. For example, there is the image of the bridge into the sea taken atthe Normandy D-Day landing site. [8] Also, Venice, the city eternallythreatened by the sea, where every morning wooden pathways have to be set up toallow tourists to reach their hotels.
W: Thank you, Mr. DeKeyzer. It was a pleasure to have you with us today.
Questions 5 to 8 arebased on the conversation you have just heard.
5. What does the man say about the book MomentsBefore the Flood?
6. When did the man get his idea for thework?
7. What will happen when the climatecatastrophe occurs?
8. What does the man say about Venice?

Section B
Directions: In thissection, you will hear two passages. At the end of each passage, you will hearthree or four questions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken onlyonce. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the fourchoices marked A), B), C) and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through thecentre.
Questions 9 to 12 arebased on the passage you have just heard.
9. A) They make careful preparationsbeforehand.
B) They take toomany irrelevant factors into account.
C) They spendtoo much time anticipating their defeat.
D) They try hardto avoid getting off on the wrong foot.
10. A) A person’s nervous system is morecomplicated than imagined.
B) Golfersusually have positive mental images of themselves.
C) Mentalimages often interfere with athletes’ performance.
D) Thinking hasthe same effect on the nervous system as doing.
11. A) Anticipate possible problems.
B) Make a listof do’s and don’ts.
C) Picturethemselves succeeding.
D) Try to appearmore professional.
12. A) She wore a designer dress.
B) She won herfirst jury trial.
C) She did notspeak loud enough.
D) Shepresented moving pictures.
9. C 根据录音内容可知:在面对新情况时,一些人趋向于通过花费大量时间去预测最坏的情况,从而预演自己的失败。故选C。
10. D 根据录音内容可知:在斯坦福大学进行的研究表明,思想中的幻象与实际去做某件事一样,都会使神经系统产生反应。故选D。
11. C 根据录音内容可知:总之,在陷入任何有压力的情况之前,只关注你想要发生的那些事情。故选C。
12. B 根据录音内容可知:在她彩排几周之后,这位年轻的律师的确赢得了诉讼。故选B。
[9] Whenfacing a new situation, some people tend to rehearse their defeat by spendingtoo much time anticipating the worst. I remember talking with a younglawyer who was about to begin her first jury trial. She was very nervous. Iasked what impression she wanted to make on the jury. She replied, “I don’twant to look too inexperienced; I don’t want them to suspect this is my firsttrial.” This lawyer had fallen victim to the “don’ts” syndrome, a form ofnegative goal setting. The “don’ts” can be self-fulfilling because your mindresponds to pictures. [10] Research conducted at Stanford University shows amental image fires the nervous system the same way as actually doing something.That means when a golfer tells himself “Don’t hit the ball into the water,” hismind sees the image of the ball flying into the water. So guess where the ballwill go. [11] Consequently, before going into any stressful situation, focusonly on what you want to have happen. I asked the lawyer again how shewanted to appear at her first trial, and this time she said, “I want to lookprofessional and self-assured.” I told her to create a picture of what“self-assured” would look like. To her it meant moving confidently around thecourt room, using convincing body language and projecting her voice so it couldbe heard from the judge’s bench to the door. She also imagined a skillfulclosing argument and a winning trial. [12] A few weeks after this dressrehearsal, the young lawyer did win.
Questions 9 to 12 arebased on the passage you have just heard.
9. What do some people do when they face anew situation?
10. What does the research conducted atStanford University show?
11. What advice does the speaker give topeople in a stressful situation?
12. What do we learn about the lawyer inthe court?

Questions 13 to 15 arebased on the passage you have just heard.
13. A) Its long-term effects are yet to beproved.
B) Its healthbenefits have been overestimated.
C) It helpspeople to avoid developing breast cancer.
D) It enablespatients with diabetes to recover sooner.
14. A) It focused on their ways of lifeduring young adulthood.
B) It trackedtheir change in food preferences for 20 years.
C) It focusedon their difference from men in fiber intake.
D) It trackedtheir eating habits since their adolescence.
15. A) Fiber may help to reduce hormones inthe body.
B) Fiber maybring more benefits to women than men.
C) Fiber mayimprove the function of heart muscles.
D) Fiber maymake blood circulation more smooth.
13. C 根据录音内容可知:如今,研究表明,在青少年的饮食中添加纤维可能有助于降低患乳腺癌的风险。故选C。
14. D 根据录音内容可知:这项新发现是基于对44000名妇女的研究得出的,包括对这些妇女在高中期间的饮食和20年饮食习惯的跟踪调查。故选D。
15. A 根据录音内容可知:这一发现指向了一项长期存在的证据,该证据表明,纤维可能减少女性体内循环的荷尔蒙水平,这就可以解释为什么纤维能降低患乳腺癌的风险。你吃的纤维越多,也许你体内的激素水平越低,因此一生中患上乳腺癌的风险就越低。故选A。
Most Americansdon’t eat enough fruits, vegetables or whole grains. [13] Research now saysadding fiber to the teen diet may help lower the risk of breast cancer.Conversations about the benefits of fiber are probably more common in nursinghomes than high schools. But along comes a new study that could change that.Kristi King, a diet specialist at Texas Children’s Hospital, finds it hard toget teenage patients’ attention about healthy eating by telling them thateating lots of high-fiber foods could reduce the risk of breast cancer beforemiddle age. That’s a powerful message. [14] The new finding is based on a studyof 44,000 women. They were surveyed about their diets during high school andtheir eating habits were tracked for two decades. It turns out that thosewho consumed the highest levels of fiber during adolescence had a lower risk ofdeveloping breast cancer, compared to the women who ate the least fiber. Thisimportant study demonstrates that the more fiber you eat during your highschool years, the lower your risk is in developing breast cancer in later life.[15] The finding points to long-standing evidence that fiber may reducecirculating female hormone levels, which could explain the reduced risk. Thebottom line here is the more fiber you eat, perhaps, a lower level of hormonein your body, and therefore, a lower lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.High-fiber diets are also linked to a reduced risk of heart disease anddiabetes. That’s why women are told to eat 25 grams of fiber a day—men evenmore.
Questions 13 to 15 arebased on the passage you have just heard.
13. What does the new study tell aboutadding fiber to the teen diet?
14. What do we learn about the survey ofthe 44,000 women?
15. What explanation does the speaker offerfor the research finding?

Section C
Directions: In thissection, you will hear three recordings of lectures or talks followed by threeor four questions. The recordings will be played only once. After you hear aquestion, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B),C) and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on AnswerSheet 1 with a single line through the centre.
Questions 16 to 18 arebased on the recording you have just heard.
16. A) Observing the changes in marketing.
B) Conductingresearch on consumer behaviour.
C) Studying thehazards of young people drinking.
D)Investigating the impact of media on government.
17. A) It is the cause of many streetriots.
B) It isgetting worse year by year.
C) It is achief concern of parents.
D) It is an actof socialising.
18. A) They spent a week studying their ownpurchasing behaviour.
B) Theyresearched the impact of mobile phones on young people.
C) Theyanalysed their family budgets over the years.
D) Theyconducted a thorough research on advertising.
16. B 根据录音内容可知:我(演讲者)目前的研究内容与消费者的行为有关。故选B。
17. D 根据录音内容可知:例如:在年轻人喝酒的案例中,我确认的一件事是年龄在18岁到24岁之间的人喝酒都和社交活动有关。故选D。
18. A 根据录音内容可知:去年,我(演讲者)的学生花了一周的时间查看他们自己的购买情况,并对购物以及自己和零售银行及手机供应商的之间的关系进行了详细地分析。故选A。
[16] Well, mycurrent research is really about consumer behavior. So recently, I’velooked at young people’s drinking and it’s obviously a major concern togovernment at the moment. I’ve also looked at how older people are representedin the media. Again, it’s of major current interest with older people becominga much larger proportion of UK, and indeed, world society. I’m also interestedin how consumers operate online and how that online behavior might be differentfrom how they operate offline when they go to the shops. Well, I think that theimportant thing here is to actually understand what’s happening from theconsumers’ perspective. One of the things that businesses and indeed governmentorganizations often fail to do is to really see what is happening from theconsumers’ perspective. [17] For example, in the case of young people’sdrinking, one of the things that I’ve identified is that drinking for people,say, between the ages of 18 and 24 is all about the social activity. A lotof the government advertising has been about individual responsibility, butactually understanding that drinking is very much about the social activity andfinding ways to help young people get home safely, and not end up in hospitalis one of the things that we’ve tried to present there. The key thing aboutconsumer behavior is that it’s very much about how consumers change. Marketsalways change faster than marketing, so we have to look at what consumers aredoing. Currently I teach consumer behavior to undergraduates in their secondyear, and we looked at all kinds of things in consumer behavior andparticularly how consumers are presented in advertising. So they get involvedby looking at advertising and really critically assessing the consumer behavioraspects of it, and getting involved, sometimes doing primary research. [18] Forexample, last year my students spent a week looking at their own purchasing andanalysed it in detail from shopping to the relationship that they have withtheir retail banks and their mobile phone providers. I think they found itvery useful and it also helped them identify just what kind of budgets they hadtoo. The fact of the matter is that there is a whole range of interestingresearch out there. And I think as the years go on, there is going to be muchmore for us to consider and certainly much more for students to become involvedin.
Questions 16 to 18 arebased on the recording you have just heard.
16. What is the speaker currently doing?
17. What has the speaker found about youngpeople’s drinking?
18. What does the speaker say that hisstudents did last year?

Questions 19 to 22 arebased on the recording you have just heard.
19. A) It is helping its banks to improveefficiency.
B) It is tryinghard to do away with dirty money.
C) It is thefirst country to use credit cards in the world.
D) It is likelyto give up paper money in the near future.
20. A) Whether it is possible to travelwithout carrying any physical currency.
B) Whether itis possible to predict how much money one is going to spend.
C) Whether theabsence of physical currency causes a person to spend more.
D) Whether theabsence of physical currency is going to affect everyday life.
21. A) There was no food service on thetrain.
B) The serviceon the train was not good.
C) Therestaurant car accepted cash only.
D) The cash inher handbag was missing.
22. A) By putting money into envelopes.
B) By drawingmoney week by week.
C) By limitingtheir day-to-day spending.
D) By refusingto buy anything on credit.
19. D 根据录音内容可知:瑞典是欧洲第一个印制并且使用纸币的国家,但瑞典可能很快就会废除实物货币。故选D。
20. C 根据录音内容可知:没有实物货币是不是真的会导致人们花费更多的钱,Barrett想找出答案,所以几个月前她决定做一项实验。故选C。
21. C 根据录音内容可知:在这个实验中,Barrett乘坐火车出行。途中,火车上通知餐车暂时不接受使用信用卡,换句话说,餐车暂时只接受现金。故选C。
22. A 根据录音内容可知:Barrett的父母年轻时常常通过把钱放进信封进行资金预算。他们一拿到薪水就会立刻把现金分成几份并装进信封,所以他们知道每周要花多少钱。故选A。
[19] Swedenwas the first European county to print and use paper money, but it may soon doaway with physical currencies. Bank can save a lot of money and avoidregulatory headaches by moving to a cash free system, and they can also avoidbank robberies, theft and dirty money.
Clear Barrett,the editor of Financial Times Money, says the Western world is headed toward aworld without physical currency. Andy Holder, the chief economist at the Bankof England, suggested that the UK move towards a government-backed digitalcurrency. But does a cashless society really make good economic sense? The factthat cash is being drawn out of society, is less a feature of our everydaylives, and the ease of electronic payments. Is this actually making us spendmore money without realizing it?
[20] Barrettwanted to find out if the absence of physical currency does indeed cause aperson to spend more, so she decided to conduct an experiment a few months ago.She decided that she was going to try to just use cash for two weeks to makeall of her essential purchases and see what that would do to her spending. Shefound she did spend a lot less money, because it is incredibly hard to predicthow much cash one is going to need. She was forever drawing money out of cashpoints. Months later, she was still finding cash stuffed in her trouser pocketsand the pockets of her handbags. [21] During this experiment, Barrett took atrain ride. On the way, there was an announcement that the restaurant car wasnot currently accepting credit cards. The train cars were filled withgroans because many of the passengers were traveling without cash. [22] “Itunderlines just how much things have changed in the last generation,” Barrettsay. “My parents, when they were younger, used to budget by putting money intoenvelopes. They’d get paid and they’d immediately separate the cash into piles,and put them in envelops, so they knew what they had to spend week by week.It was a very effective way for them to keep track of their spending.”
Nowadays, we areall on credit cards; we are doing online purchases and money is kind ofbecoming a less physical and more imaginary type of thing that we can’t get ourheads around.
Questions 19 to 22 arebased on the recording you have just heard.
19. What do we learn about Sweden?
20. What did Clear Barrett want to find outwith her experiment?
21. What did Clear Barrett find on hertrain ride?
22. How did people of the last generationbudget their spending?

Questions 23 to 25 arebased on the recording you have just heard.
23. A) Population explosion.
B) Chronichunger.
C) Extinctionof rare species.
D)Environmental deterioration.
24. A) They contribute to overpopulation.
B) About halfof them are unintended.
C) They havebeen brought under control.
D) The majorityof them tend to end halfway.
25. A) It is essential to the wellbeing ofall species on earth.
B) It isbecoming a subject of interdisciplinary research.
C) It isneglected in many of the developing countries.
D) It isbeginning to attract postgraduates’ attention.
23. B 根据录音内容可知:现在,有十亿人长期处在饥饿状态。这就意味着他们醒来时感到饥饿,一整天都感到饥饿,最后在饥饿中睡去。故选B。
24. B 根据录音内容可知:全球有大约一半的怀孕是意外怀孕。故选B。
25. A 根据录音内容可知:研究人口意味着在现实世界更加明智且更加有效地实施干预,这样做不仅使你自己更加幸福,重要的是还能使周围与我们共享地球的其他物种也更为幸福。故选A。
Why should youconsider taking a course in demography in college? You will be growing up inthe generation where the baby boomers are going into retirement and dying. Youwill face problems in the aging of the population that have never been facedbefore. You will hear more and more about migration between countries, andbetween rural areas and cities. You need to understand as a citizen, and as ataxpayer, and as a voter, what’s really behind the arguments.
[23] I wantto tell you about the past, present and future of the human population, solet’s start with a few problems. Right now, a billion people are chronicallyhungry. That means they wake up hungry, they are hungry all day and they go tosleep hungry. A billion people are living in slums, not the same billionpeople, but there is some overlap. Living in slums means they don’t haveinfrastructure to take the garbage away. They don’t have secure water suppliesto drink. Nearly a billion people are illiterate. Try to imagine your lifebeing illiterate. You can’t read the labels on the bottles in the supermarket,if you can get to a supermarket. Two-thirds of those people who are illiterateare women. And about 200 to 250 million women don’t have access to birthcontrol they want, so that they can’t control their own fertility. This is notonly a problem in developing countries. [24] About half of all pregnanciesglobally are unintended. So those are examples of population problems.
Demography givesyou the tools to understand and to address these problems. It’s not only thestudy of human population, but the populations of non-human species, includingviruses, like influenza, the bacteria in your gut, plants that you eat, animalsthat you enjoy, all that provide you with meat. Demography also includes thestudy of non-living objects like light bulbs and taxi cabs and buildingsbecause these are also populations. It studies these populations in the past,present and future, using quantitative data and mathematical models as tools ofanalysis. I see demography as a central subject related to economics. [25] Itis the means to intervene more wisely and more effectively in the real world toimprove the wellbeing not only of yourself, important as that maybe, but ofpeople around you and of other species with whom we share the planet.
Questions 23 to 25 arebased on the recording you have just heard.
23. What is one of the problems the speakermentions in his talk?
24. What does the speaker say aboutpregnancies?
25. How does the speaker view the study ofpopulations?
Part Ⅲ ReadingComprehension (40 minutes)
Section A
Directions: In thissection, there is a passage with ten blanks. You are required to select oneword for each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following thepassage. Read the passage through carefully before making your choices. Each choicein the bank is identified by a letter. Please mark the corresponding letter foreach item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. You may not use any of thewords in the bank more than once.
After becomingpresident of Purdue University in 2013, Mitch Daniels asked the faculty toprove that their students have actually achieved one of higher education’s mostimportant goals: critical thinking skills. Two years before, a nationwide studyof college graduates had shown that more than a third had made no (26)_____gains in such mental abilities during their school years. Mr. Daniels needed to(27)_____ the high cost of attending Purdue to its students and their families.After all, the percentage of Americans who say a college degree is “veryimportant” has fallen (28)_____ in the last 5-6 years.
Purdue now has apilot test to assess students’ critical thinking skills. Yet like many collegeteachers around the U.S., the faculty remain (29)_____ that their work aseducators can be measured by a “learning (30)_____” such as a graduate’sability to investigate and reason. However, the professors need not worry somuch. The results of a recent experiment showed that professors can use(31)_____ metrics to measure how well students do in three key areas: criticalthinking, written communication, and quantitative literacy.
Despite thesuccess of the experiment, the actual results are worrisome, and mostly(32)_____ earlier studies. The organizers of the experiment concluded that farfewer students were achieving at high levels on critical thinking than theywere doing for written communication or quantitative literacy. And thatconclusion is based only on students nearing graduation.
Americanuniversities, despite their global (33)_____ for excellence in teaching, haveonly begun to demonstrate what they can produce in real-world learning.Knowledge-based degrees are still important, but employers are (34)_____advanced thinking skills from college graduates. If the intellectual worth of acollege degree can be (35)_____ measured, more people will seek highereducation and come out better thinkers.
A) accurately
B) confirm
C) demanding
D) doubtful
E) drastically
F) justify
G) monopolized
H) outcome
I) predominance
J) presuming
K) reputation
L) significant
M) signify
N) simultaneously
O) standardized
H) outcome结果
I) predominance主导或支配地位

K) reputation名声
B) confirm证实
F) justify为……辩护或作出解释
G) monopolized独占,垄断
M) signify意味
C) demanding要求高的(动词demand的现在分词形式)
D) doubtful怀疑的
L) significant重要的
A) accurately精确地
E) drastically彻底地
J) presuming专横的,假定(形容词或动词)
O) standardized标准的,使标准化(形容词或动词)
26. L 句意:有超过三分之一的学生在上大学期间没有在这类智力能力方面取得显著进步。空格置于名词gains之前,所以此处应填用来修饰名词的形容词。只有significant符合句意,故选L。
27. F 句意:丹尼尔斯需要向学生和家庭对花高昂的费用上普渡大学的合理性作出解释。根据need to do sth.的搭配可知空缺处缺少动词。只有justify符合文意,故选F。
28. E 句意:毕竟,在过去的五六年里,认为大学学位“非常重要”的美国人的比例已经急剧下降。通过分析可知该句主谓都有,修饰动词则应选择副词。drastically有“大大地,彻底地,激烈地”含义,可用来修饰降幅速度快。故选E。
29. D 句意:然而,和美国各地许多的大学教师一样,对于他们的教育工作可以通过研究生的调查和推理能力之类的“学习结果”来衡量,教师们仍然表示怀疑。由空缺处前是系动词remain可知该处应当填写形容词。选项中只有doubtful符合文意,故选D。
30. H 句意:然而,和美国各地许多的大学教师一样,对于他们的教育工作可以通过研究生的调查和推理能力之类的“学习结果”来衡量,教师们仍然表示怀疑。分析语法结构可知空缺处缺少名词,只有outcome最符合文意,故选H。
31. O 句意:最近的一项实验结果表明,教授们可以使用标准化的指标——批判性思维、书面沟通和定量识字——衡量学生在三个关键领域的表现。空缺处后面是名词,且该句并不缺少动词,则此处应当填写形容词。指标具有一定的稳定性,只有standardized最符合文意,故选O。
32. B 句意:尽管实验成功了,但实际结果却令人担忧,而且,实验结果主要证实了之前的研究。空缺处由副词修饰,且后面跟有形容词修饰的名词,因此该处缺少动词。只有confirm最符合文意,故选B。
33. K 句意:尽管美国大学卓越的教学能力在全球都享有声誉,但仅仅是开始证明它们可以在现实世界的学习中能产生什么样的结果。空缺处之前是形容词global,之后是介词for,则此处缺少名词。只有reputation最符合文意,故选K。
34. C 句意:以知识为基础的学位仍然很重要,但雇主要求的是大学毕业生的高级思维能力。只有demand最符合文意,故选C。
35. A 句意:如果大学学位的知识价值可以准确测量的话,会有更多的人寻求更高等的教育,从而产生更好的思想家。空缺处之前是系动词be,之后是动词的过去分词measured,因此此处应填副词,测量搭配精确,故选A。
2013年,在成为普渡大学校长后,Mitch Daniels要求教师们证明他们的学生实际上已经达到高等教育最重要的目标之一:拥有批判性思维能力。两年前,一项针对全国大学毕业生的研究表明,有超过三分之一的学生在上大学期间没有在这类智力能力方面取得显著进步。丹尼尔斯需要向学生及其家庭证明花高昂费用上普渡大学是合理的。毕竟在过去的五六年里,认为大学学位“非常重要”的美国人的比例已经急剧下降。

Section B
Directions: In thissection, you are going to read a passage with ten statements attached to it.Each statement contains information given in one of the paragraphs. Identifythe paragraph from which the information is derived. You may choose a paragraphmore than once. Each paragraph is marked with a letter. Answer the questions bymarking the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2.
The Price of Oil and the Price of Carbon
A) Fossil fuel prices are likely to stay “low for long.”Notwithstanding important recent progress in developing renewable fuel sources,low fossil fuel prices could discourage further innovation in, and adoption of,cleaner energy technologies. The result would be higher emissions of carbondioxide and other greenhouse gases.
B) Policymakers should not allow low energy prices to derail theclean energy transition. Action to restore appropriate price incentives,notably through corrective carbon pricing, is urgently needed to lower the riskof irreversible and potentially devastating effects of climate change. Thatapproach also offers fiscal benefits.
C) Oil prices have dropped by over 60% since June 2014. A commonlyheld view in the oil industry is that “the best cure for low oil prices is lowoil prices.” The reasoning behind this saying is that low oil prices discourageinvestment in new production capacity, eventually shifting the oil supply curvebackward and bringing prices back up as existing oil fields—which can be tappedat relatively low marginal cost—are depleted. In fact, in line with pastexperience, capital expenditure in the oil sector has dropped sharply in manyproducing countries, including the United States. The dynamic adjustment to lowoil prices may, however, be different this time around.
D) Oil prices are expected to remain lower for longer. The advent ofnew technologies has added about 4.2 million barrels per day to the crude oilmarket, contributing to a global over-supply. In addition, other factors areputting downward pressure on oil prices: change in the strategic behavior ofthe Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the projected increase inIranian exports, the scaling- down of global demand (especially from emergingmarkets), the long-term drop in petroleum consumption in the United States, andsome displacement of oil by substitutes. These likely persistent forces, likethe growth of shale(页岩) oil, point to a “low for long” scenario. Futures markets, whichshow only a modest recovery of prices to around $ 60 a barrel by 2019, supportthis view.
E) Natural gas and coal also fossil fuels—have similarly seen pricedeclines that look to be long-lived. Coal and natural gas are mainly used forelectricity generation, whereas oil is used mostly to power transportation, yetthe prices of all these energy sources are linked. The North American shale gasboom has resulted in record low prices there. The recent discovery of the giantZohr gas field off the Egyptian coast will eventually have impact on pricing inthe Mediterranean region and Europe, and there is significant developmentpotential in many other places, notably Argentina. Coal prices also are low,owing to over-supply and the scaling-down of demand, especially from China,which burns half of the world’s coal.
F) Technological innovations have unleashed the power of renewablessuch as wind, hydro, solar, and geothermal(地热). Even Africa and the Middle East, home toeconomies that are heavily dependent on fossil fuel exports, have enormouspotential to develop renewables. For example, the United Arab Emirates hasendorsed an ambitious target to draw 24% of its primary energy consumption fromrenewable sources by 2021.
G) Progress in the development of renewables could be fragile,however, if fossil fuel prices remain low for long. Renewables account for onlya small share of global primary energy consumption, which is still dominated byfossil fuels—30% each for coal and oil, 25% for natural gas. But renewableenergy will have to displace fossil fuels to a much greater extent in thefuture to avoid unacceptable climate risks.
H) Unfortunately, the current low prices for oil, gas, and coal mayprovide little incentive for research to find even cheaper substitutes forthose fuels. There is strong evidence that both innovation and adoption ofcleaner technology are strongly encouraged by higher fossil fuel prices. Thesame is true for new technologies for alleviating fossil fuel emissions.
I) The current low fossil fuel price environment will thus certainlydelay the energy transition from fossil fuel to clean energy sources. Unlessrenewables become cheap enough that substantial carbon deposits are leftunderground for a very long time, if not forever, the planet will likely beexposed to potentially catastrophic climate risks.
J) Some climate impacts may already be discernible. For example, theUnited Nations Children’s Fund estimates that some 11 million children inAfrica face hunger, disease, and water shortages as a result of the strongestEl Niño(厄尔尼诺) weatherphenomenon in decades. Many scientists believe that El Nino events, caused bywarming in the Pacific, are becoming more intense as a result of climatechange.
K) Nations from around the world have gathered in Paris for theUnited Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21, with the goal of a universaland potentially legally-binding agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.We need very broad participation to fully address the global tragedy thatresults when countries fail to take into account the negative impact of theircarbon emissions on the rest of the world. Moreover, non-participation bynations, if sufficiently widespread, can undermine the political will ofparticipating countries to act.
L) The nations participating at COP 21 are focusing on quantitativeemissions-reduction commitments. Economic reasoning shows that the leastexpensive way for each country is to put a price on carbon emissions. Thereason is that when carbon is priced, those emissions reductions that are leastcostly to implement will happen first. The International Monetary Fundcalculates that countries can generate substantial fiscal revenues byeliminating fossil fuel subsidies and levying carbon charges that capture thedomestic damage caused by emissions. A tax on upstream carbon sources is oneeasy way to put a price on carbon emissions, although some countries may wishto use other methods, such as emissions trading schemes. In order to maximizeglobal welfare, every country’s carbon pricing should reflect not only thepurely domestic damage from emissions, but also the damage to foreigncountries.
M) Setting the right carbon price will therefore efficiently alignthe costs paid by carbon users with the true social opportunity cost of usingcarbon. By raising relative demand for clean energy sources, a carbon pricewould also help align the market return to clean-energy innovation with itssocial return, spurring the refinement of existing technologies and thedevelopment of new ones. And it would raise the demand for technologies such ascarbon capture and storage, spurring their further development. If notcorrected by the appropriate carbon price, low fossil fuel prices are notaccurately signaling to markets the true social profitability of clean energy.While alternative estimates of the damage from carbon emissions differ, andit’s especially hard to reckon the likely costs of possible catastrophicclimate events, most estimates suggest substantial negative effects.
N) Direct subsidies to research and development have been adopted bysome governments but are a poor substitute for a carbon price: they do onlypart of the job, leaving in place market incentives to overuse fossil fuels andthereby add to the stock of atmospheric greenhouse gases without regard to thecollateral(附带的)costs.
O) The hope is that the success of COP 21 opens the door to futureinternational agreement on carbon prices. Agreement on an internationalcarbon-price floor would be a good starting point in that process. Failure toaddress comprehensively the problem of greenhouse gas emissions, however, exposesall generations, present and future, to incalculable risks.
36. A number of factors are driving down the global oil prices notjust for now but in the foreseeable future.
37. Pricing carbon proves the mosteconomical way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
38. It is estimated that extreme weather conditions have endangeredthe lives of millions of African children.
39. The prices of coal are low as a resultof over-supply and decreasing demand.
40. Higher fossil fuel prices prove to be conducive to innovationand application of cleaner technology.
41. If fossil fuel prices remain low for along time, it may lead to higher emissions of greenhouse gases.
42. Fossil fuels remain the major source ofprimary energy consumption in today’s world.
43. Even major fossil fuel exportingcountries have great potential to develop renewable energies.
44. Greenhouse gas emissions, if notproperly dealt with, will pose endless risks for mankind.
45. It is urgent for governments to increase the cost of usingfossil fuels to an appropriate level to lessen the catastrophic effects ofclimate change.
36. D 根据D段可知:此外,其他因素也对油价下降施加压力:石油输出国组织的战略行为发生了变化,预计伊朗出口会增加,全球需求减少(尤其是新兴市场),美国石油消费量长期下降,一些石油被其他替代品代替。所以题干内容对应的是D段,故选D。
37. L 根据L段可知:经济推理显示,对各国来说,最便宜的方式就是对碳排放进行定价。所以题干内容对应的是L段,故选L。
38. J 根据J段可知:如联合国儿童基金会预测,近几十年来将近有1,100万的非洲儿童面临饥饿、疾病和缺水的问题,这些都是由最强烈的厄尔尼诺气候现象导致的。所以题干内容对应的是J段。故选J。
39. E 根据E段可知:由于供求量过剩、需求降低,尤其是煤炭消耗量占全球一半的中国其煤炭需求量不断减少,所以煤的价格也会走低。所以题干内容对应的是E段。故选E。
40. H 根据H段可知:有充足的证据表明,清洁技术的创新和使用都会受更高化石燃料价格的大力鼓励。降低化石燃料排放的新技术也是如此。所以题干内容对应的是H段。故选H。
41. A 根据A段可知:化石燃料的价格可能会保持“长时间走低”。其结果可能导致排放出更多的二氧化碳和其他的温室气体。所以题干内容对应的是A段。故选A。
42. G 根据G段可知:全球主要的能源消耗仍受化石燃料支配,可再生能源只占其中的一小部分——其中,煤炭和石油占30%,天然气占25%。所以题干内容对应的是G段。故选G。
43. F 根据F段可知:即使是非洲和中东这样严重依赖化石燃料出口经济的地方,也有很大的潜力开发可再生能源。所以题干内容对应的是F段。故选F。
44. O 根据O段可知:然而,不能将温室气体的排放问题彻底解决会使现在或者未来的人们面临不可估量的风险。所以题干内容对应的是O段。故选O。
45. B 根据B段可知:气候变化会存在不可逆转的、潜在的毁灭性影响风险,所以为了恢复适当的价格,必须采取行动,特别是通过纠正碳定价来降低气候变化带来的风险。所以题干内容对应的是B段。故选B。
A) [41] 化石燃料的价格可能会保持“长时间走低”。尽管最近在开发可再生能源方面取得了重要进展,清洁能源技术的进一步创新和使用可能会受到化石燃料较低价格的阻碍。[41] 其结果可能导致排放出更多的二氧化碳和其他的温室气体。
B) 政策制定者不应允许低能源价格阻碍清洁能源转型。[45] 气候变化会存在不可逆转的、潜在的毁灭性影响风险,所以为了恢复适当的价格,必须采取行动,特别是通过纠正碳定价来降低气候变化带来的风险。这种方法也会在财政上带来效益。
C) 自从2014年6月开始,石油的价格下跌幅度已超过60%。石油行业持有的普遍的观点是,“对付低油价最好办法就是低油价。”这句话背后可推理出:走低的石油价格阻碍了对新生产能力的投资,最终将石油供给曲线向后推移,现有的油田以相对较低的边际成本进行开采,随着这些油田逐渐的枯竭,石油价格将会回升。事实上,根据过去的经验,许多国家生产石油的部门资本支出急剧下降,其中就包括美国。然而,这次对低油价的动态调整可能会跟以往不同。
D) 预计石油价格将在长时间保持走低。新技术的出现使原油市场每天增加约420万桶的石油,这导致全球石油供应过量。[36] 此外,其他因素也对油价下降施加压力:石油输出国组织的战略行为发生了变化,预计伊朗出口会增加,全球需求减少(尤其是新兴市场),美国石油消费量长期下降,一些石油被其他替代品代替。如页岩油的增长,这些存在的持续的力量使石油价格走低成为可能。到2019年,石油价格会小幅回升,恢复到60美元每桶的价格,由期货市场可以看出,上述观点得到了支持。
E) 天然气和煤炭也属于化石燃料,相似的是,两者都有价格长期下降的趋势。煤和天然气主要用来发电,而石油大多数用来运输动力,但这些能源的价格都紧密相关。页岩气的繁荣发展致使北美石油价格降至历史最低。最近在埃及海岸发现了Zohr大气田,将最终会使中海地区和欧洲的石油定价受到影响,在其他很多地方,尤其是阿根廷,也有巨大的发展潜力。[39] 由于供求量过剩、需求降低,尤其是煤炭消耗量占全球一半的中国其煤炭需求量不断减少,所以煤的价格也会走低。
F) 技术创新使再生能源的能量得到释放,如风力、水力、太阳能和地热等。[43]即使是非洲和中东这样严重依赖化石燃料出口经济的地方,也有很大的潜力开发可再生能源。如阿拉伯联合酋长国已经签署了一项远大目标:到2021年,从可再生能源中获取的主要能源消耗量要占到24%。
G) 然而,如果化石燃料价格持续走低,可再生能源发展中的进步可能会不稳定。[42] 全球主要的能源消耗仍受化石燃料支配,可再生能源只占其中的一小部分——其中,煤炭和石油占30%,天然气占25%。但是,为了避免不愿接受的气候风险,未来,可再生能源将在更大程度上取代化石燃料。
H) 不幸的是,石油、天然气和煤炭目前的低价可能几乎无法刺激人们去做研究来为这些燃料寻找替代品。[40] 有充足的证据表明,清洁技术的创新和使用都会受更高化石燃料价格的大力鼓励。降低化石燃料排放的新技术也是如此。
I) 这样的话,目前较低的化石燃料价格环境势必会推迟从化石燃料向清洁能源转变的过程。除非可再生能源的价格足够低,导致大量碳长期沉积在地下,就算不是永远沉积,地球也将可能会遭遇潜在的灾难性气候风险。
J) 有些气候影响或许已依稀可辨。[38] 如联合国儿童基金会预测,近几十年来将近有1,100万的非洲儿童面临饥饿、疾病和缺水的问题,这些都是由最强烈的厄尔尼诺气候现象导致的。许多科学家认为,由于气候变化,由平洋变暖导致的厄尔尼诺事件正日益强烈。
K) 世界各国的政府首脑齐聚巴黎参加第21届联合国气候变化大会,旨在减少温室气体排放方面达成普遍且具有潜在法律效力的协议。对于因各国未能将该国碳排放对世界上其他国家的负面影响考虑在内从而导致的全球悲剧,我们需要广泛参与才能得以全面地解决。此外,如果不参与的国家达到足够数量,这将会对参与国采取行动的政治意愿有所损害。
L) 第21届联合国气候变化大会的与会国家主要关注在减排量上的承诺。[37]经济推理显示,对各国来说,最便宜的方式就是对碳排放进行定价。其原因在于,在碳被定价时,那些实施起来花费最低的减排措施会先发生。据国际货币基金组织计算,通过去除化石燃料补贴和对记录由碳排放导致的国内损害的碳排放费用征税,各国财政会获得可观的收入。尽管一些国家可能希望使用排放交易体之类的其他方法给碳排放定价,但对上游的碳源征税是给碳排放定价的一种简单方式。各国的碳定价既要反映碳排放对本国的损害,又要反映出对其他国家造成的损害,以此来确保全球福利的最大化。
M) 所以,为碳设定合适的价格将有效地让碳使用者支付的成本和使用碳的真实社会机会成本保持一致。通过提升清洁能源的相对需求,碳价格也会对保持清洁能源创新的市场回报和社会回报的一致性有所帮助,从而刺激现有技术的改良和新技术的发展。而且,这将使人们对碳捕获和碳储存之类技术的需求得到提高,从而推动这些技术的进一步发展。如果没有合适的碳价格予以更正,较低的化石燃料价格就不能准确地向市场发出清洁能源真正的社会盈利信号。尽管另一些对碳排放造成损害的预测与此有所不同,加上对于可能发生的灾难性气候事件造成的可能成本的预测十分困难,但大多数预测都暗示出其具有巨大的负面影响。
N) 有些政府已经开始对研究和开发予以直接补贴,但以此来取代碳价格调整的效果却不是很好:它们只做了其中的部分工作,维持过度使用化石燃料的市场刺激,从而无需考虑附带成本,但却增加了大气中温室气体的储存量。
O) 希望第21届联合国气候变化大会的成功召开可以为未来国际碳价格的协议打开大门。国际碳价格下限协议将会给这一进程开个好头。[44] 然而,不能将温室气体的排放问题彻底解决会使现在或者未来的人们面临不可估量的风险。

Section C
Directions: There are2 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions orunfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B),C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the correspondingletter on Answer Sheet 2 with a singleline through the centre.
Passage One
Questions 46 to 50 arebased on the following passage.
Open datasharers are still in the minority in many fields. Although many researchersbroadly agree that public access to raw data would accelerate science, most arereluctant to post the results of their own labors online.
Some communitieshave agreed to share online—geneticists, for example, post DNA sequences at theGenBank repository(库), and astronomers are accustomed to accessing images of galaxiesand stars from, say, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a telescope that hasobserved some 500 million objects—but these remain the exception, not the rule.Historically, scientists have objected to sharing for many reasons: it is a lotof work; until recently, good databases did not exist; grant funders were notpushing for sharing; it has been difficult to agree on standards for formattingdata; and there is no agreed way to assign credit for data.
But the barriersare disappearing, in part because journals and funding agencies worldwide areencouraging scientists to make their data public. Last year, the Royal Societyin London said in its report that scientists need to “shift away from aresearch culture where data is viewed as a private preserve”. Funding agenciesnote that data paid for with public money should be public information, and thescientific community is recognizing that data can now be shared digitally inways that were not possible before. To match the growing demand, services are springingup to make it easier to publish research products online and enable otherresearchers to discover and cite them.
Although callsto share data often concentrate on the moral advantages of sharing, thepractice is not purely altruistic(利他的). Researchers who share get plenty of personal benefits, includingmore connections with colleagues, improved visibility and increased citations.The most successful sharers—those whose data are downloaded and cited the mostoften—get noticed, and their work gets used. For example, one of the mostpopular data sets on multidisciplinary repository Dryad is about wood densityaround the world; it has been downloaded 5,700 times. Co-author Amy Zannethinks that users probably range from climate-change researchers wanting toestimate how much carbon is stored in biomass, to foresters looking forinformation on different grades of timber. “I’d much prefer to have my dataused by the maximum number of people to ask their own questions,” she says.“It’s important to allow readers and reviewers to see exactly how you arrive atyour results. Publishing data and code allows your science to be reproducible.”
Even peoplewhose data are less popular can benefit. By making the effort to organize andlabel files so others can understand them, scientists become more organized andbetter disciplined themselves, thus avoiding confusion later on.
46. What do many researchers generallyaccept?
A) It isimperative to protect scientists’ patents.
B) Repositoriesare essential to scientific research.
C) Open datasharing is most important to medical science.
D) Open datasharing is conducive to scientific advancement.
47. What is the attitude of mostresearchers towards making their own data public?
A) Opposed.
B) Ambiguous.
C) Liberal.
D) Neutral.
48. According to the passage, what mighthinder open data sharing?
A) The fear ofmassive copying.
B) The lack ofa research culture.
C) The beliefthat research data is private intellectual property.
D) The concernthat certain agencies may make a profit out of it.
49. What helps lift some of the barriers toopen data sharing?
A) Theever-growing demand for big data.
B) Theadvancement of digital technology.
C) The changingattitude of journals and funders.
D) The trend ofsocial and economic development.
50. Dryad serves as an example to show howopen data sharing _______.
A) is becomingincreasingly popular
B) benefitssharers and users alike
C) makesresearchers successful
D) saves bothmoney and labor
46. D 根据原文第一段内容可知“Although many researchers broadly agree that public access to rawdata would accelerate science”,许多研究者广泛认为,公众访问原始数据将会加速科学发展。故选D。
47. A 根据原文第一段内容可知“most are reluctant to post the results of their own labours online”,大多数人不愿意将自己的劳动结果发布在网上。因此大多数人持反对意见,故选A。
48. C 根据原文第三段内容可知“Last year, the Royal Society in London said in its report Science asan Open Enterprise that scientists need to shift away from a research culturewhere data is viewed as private preserve”,去年,伦敦皇家学会在报告《科学作为一个开放企业》中表示:科学家需要从数据被视为私人保护物的研究文化中转变过来。由此可知,阻碍数据共享的原因就是人们把研究数据视作私人物品,个人享有权益。故选C。
49. C 根据原文第三段内容可知“But the barriers are disappearing in part because journals andfunding agencies worldwide are encouraging scientists to make their data public”,即:但这些阻碍正在消失,部分原因是全世界的期刊和资助机构正在鼓励科学家们公开他们的数据。故选C。
50. B 根据原文最后一段内容可知“I would much prefer to have my data used by the maximum number ofpeople to ask their own questions ... It’s important to allow readers andreviewers to see exactly how you arrive at your results. Publishing data andcode allows your science to be reproducible”,即:我更希望我的数据能被最大数量的人用来解答疑问。重要的是允许读者和审稿人准确地看到你是如何得出你的结果的。发布数据和代码能让你的科学具有可重复性。因此,数据分享对于分享者和使用者等人来说都有好处,故选B。
虽然,对于共享数据的劝告通常集中在共享的道德优势上,但事实上这并不是纯粹的利他主义。共享数据的研究人员会得到很多个人利益,其中包括与同事取得更多地联系,知名度提升,引用率升高。最成功的共享者——他们的数据被下载得最多、引用地最多——得到了关注,他们的成果得以利用。例如:多学科知识库中最流行的数据集之一。德鲁伊是关于全世界的木材密度的;它已被下载5700次。合著者Amy Zanne是华盛顿特区乔治华盛顿大学的一位生物学家,他认为用户范围可能会包括想要估计生物量内储存多少二氧化碳的气候变化研究人员,一直到寻找不同等级木材信息的林农。她说:“我更希望我的数据能被最多的人用来解答疑问。重要的是允许读者和审稿人准确地看到你是如何得出你的结果的。发布数据和代码可以让你的科学具有可重复性。”

Passage Two
Questions 51 to 55 arebased on the following passage.
Macy’s reportedits sales plunged 5.2% in November and December at stores open more than ayear, a disappointing holiday season performance that capped a difficult yearfor a department store chain facing wide-ranging challenges. Its flagshipstores in major U.S. cities depend heavily on international tourist spending,which shrank at many retailers due to a strong dollar. Meanwhile, Macy’s hassimply struggled to lure consumers who are more interested in spending ontravel or dining out than on new clothes or accessories.
The companyblamed much of the poor performance in November and December on unseasonablywarm weather. “About 80% of our company’s year-over-year declines in comparablesales can be attributed to shortfalls(短缺) in cold-weather goods,” said chief executive Terry Lundgren in apress release. This prompted the company to cut its forecasts for the fullfourth quarter.
However, it’sclear that Macy’s believes its troubles run deeper than a temporary aberration(偏离) off the thermometer. Theretail giant said the poor financial performance this year has pushed it tobegin implementing $400 million in cost-cutting measures. The company pledgedto cut 600 back-office positions, though some 150 workers in those roles wouldbe reassigned to other jobs. It also plans to offer “voluntary separation”packages to 165 senior executives. It will slash staffing at its fleet of 770stores, a move affecting some 3,000 employees.
The retaileralso announced the locations of 36 stores it will close in early 2016. Thecompany had previously announced the planned closures, but had not said whichlocations would be affected. None of the chain’s stores in the Washingtonmetropolitan area are to be closed.
Macy’s has beenmoving aggressively to try to remake itself for a new era of shopping. It hasplans to open more locations of Macy’s Backstage, a newly-developed off-priceconcept which might help it better compete with ambitious T.J. Maxx. It’s alsopushing ahead in 2016 with an expansion of Bluemercury, the beauty chain itbought last year. At a time when young beauty shoppers are often turning toSephora or Ulta instead of department store beauty counters, Macy’s hopesBluemercury will help strengthen its position in the category.
One relativebright spot for Macy’s during the holiday season was the online channel, whereit rang up “double-digit” increases in sales and a 25% increase in the numberof orders it filled. That relative strength would be consistent with what wasseen in the wider retail industry during the early part of the holiday season.While Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday all saw record spendingonline, in-store sales plunged over the holiday weekend.
51. What does the author say about theshrinking spending of international tourists in the U.S.?
A) It isattributable to the rising value of the U.S. dollar.
B) It is adirect result of the global economic recession.
C) It reflectsa shift of their interest in consumer goods.
D) It poses apotential threat to the retail business in the U.S.
52. What does Macy’s believe about itsproblems?
A) They can besolved with better management.
B) They cannotbe attributed to weather only.
C) They are notas serious in its online stores.
D) They callfor increased investments.
53. In order to cut costs, Macy’s decidedto ______.
A) cut thesalary of senior executives
B) relocatesome of its chain stores
C) adjust itspromotion strategies
D) reduce thesize of its staff
54. Why does Macy’s plan to expandBluemercury in 2016?
A) Toexperiment on its new business concept.
B) To focusmore on beauty products than clothing.
C) To promotesales of its products by lowering prices.
D) To be morecompetitive in sales of beauty products.
55. What can we learn about Macy’s duringthe holiday season?
A) Salesdropped sharply in its physical stores.
B) Its retailsales exceeded those of T.J. Maxx.
C) It helpedBluemercury establish its position worldwide.
D) It filled itsstores with abundant supply of merchandise.
51. A 根据原文第一段内容可知“Its flagship stores in major U. S. cities depend heavily oninternational tourist spending, which shrank at many retailers due to a strongdollar”,该公司分布于美国主要城市的旗舰店主要依靠国际游客的消费,许多零售店的国际旅游消费因为美元坚挺而有所下降。故选A。
52. B 根据原文第二段和第三段内容可知“The company blamed much of the poor performance in November andDecember on unseasonably warm weather ... However, it’s clear that Macy’sbelieves its troubles run deeper than a temporary aberration off thethermometer”,该公司将11、12月这两个月份业绩不佳的主要原因归于反季节的温暖天气……然而,清楚的是,梅西百货相信这次麻烦远比气温偶尔不正常要大得多。故选B。
53. D 根据原文第三段内容可知“The retail giant said the poor financial performance this year haspushed it to begin implementing $400 million in cost-cutting measures. Thecompany pledged to cut 600 back-office positions, though some 150 workers inthose roles would be reassigned to other jobs. It also plans to offer“voluntary separation” packages to 165 senior executives. It will slashstaffing at its fleet of 770 stores, a move affecting some 3,000 employees”,该零售巨头表示,今年差得可怜的财务业绩将使公司不得不开始削减4亿开支。公司发誓要减少600个后勤岗位,尽管那些岗位中大约有150名员工将接受公司的重新安排去做其他的工作。公司还计划为165名高管提供“自动离职”计划。公司会对770个门店的员工人数进行削减,这一举动将会对大约3,000名员工造成影响。总体看来,该公司要削减员工数量。故选D。
54. D 根据原文第五段内容可知“It’s also pushing ahead in 2016 with an expansion of Bluemercury,the beauty chain it bought last year. At a time when young beauty shoppers areoften turning to Sephora or Ulta instead of department store beauty counters,Macy’s hopes Bluemercury will help strengthen its position in the category”,随着去年收购的美妆用品连锁店Bluemercury的不断扩张,该公司将在2016年不断前行。在这个年轻人往往去Sephora或Ulta而不去百货商场美妆专柜购买美妆的时代,梅西百货希望Bluemercury能够助其加强在这一领域的地位。故选D。
55. A 根据原文内容可知“Macy’s reported its sales plunged 5.2% in November and December atstores open more than a year ... While Thanksgiving, Black Friday and CyberMonday all saw record spending online, in-store sales plunged over the holidayweekend”,据梅西百货报告,该公司开业一年以上的商店其11月和12月的销售额下降了5.2%……虽然在感恩节、黑色星期五和网络星期一等日子的网上销售额屡见新高,但是节假日门店的销售额却不断下降。故选A。
该公司将11、12月这两个月份业绩不佳的主要原因归于反季节的温暖天气。该公司首席执行官Terry Lundgren在媒体发布会上讲道:“我们公司年度同比销售额下降约80%,这是因为寒冷天气货物短缺所致。”这导致公司对整个第四季度的预期进行了削减。
梅西百货一直在积极努力地让自己重塑一个新的商业时代。它也将开设更多的“梅西幕后点”列入计划之内,这样能帮助该公司更好地对抗其野心勃勃的对手T. J. Maxx的一种新型折扣店理念。随着去年收购的美妆用品连锁店Bluemercury的不断扩张,该公司将在2016年不断前行。在这个年轻人往往去Sephora或Ulta而不去百货商场美妆专柜购买美妆的时代,梅西百货希望Bluemercury能够助其加强在这一领域的地位。
Part Ⅳ Translation(30 minutes)
Directions: For thispart, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese intoEnglish. You should write your answer on AnswerSheet 2.
Having ruledChina for 276 years, the Ming Dynasty was portrayed as one of the greatesttimes in human’s history for its orderly governance and stable society. Duringthis period, the development of handicraft industry prompted the market economyand urbanization. A large number of goods are sold on the market, includingalcohol and silk. Meanwhile, and a lot of foreign products, such as clocks andtobacco, were also imported. Large business centers like Beijing, Nanjing,Yangzhou, Suzhou emerged one by one. It was also in the Ming Dynasty thatfleets led by Zheng He made seven large-scale and adventurous explorationvoyages to the India Ocean. It is to be observed that three of four classicmasterpieces in Chinese literature were written in the Ming Dynasty.
1. 原文第一句分为两部分,一是明朝统治的时间,另一个是其特点,两句的主语都是明朝,合并为一句翻译。
2. 原文第二句“促进了”译为prompt。
3. 原文第三四句都在讲贸易的内容,翻译时可合并为一句。
4. 原文第五句“相继形成”译为emerged one by one,指“一个接一个地涌现出来”。
5. 原文第六句用了“It is ... that ...”强调句型。
6. 原文最后一句“四大经典名著”译为four classic masterpieces in Chinese literature。


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