2019考研《英语(一)》真题答案(完整 文都版)

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摘要 :   Section I Use of English  1. C few  2. C run  3. B If  4. D literally  5. A back  6. B off  7. D unfamiliar  8. C way  9. A so  10. D eventually  11. A surprised  12. B option  13. D For example  14. C spot  15. B through  16. D breaks  17. A artificial  18. A...

  Section I Use of English

  1. C few

  2. C run

  3. B If

  4. D literally

  5. A back

  6. B off

  7. D unfamiliar

  8. C way

  9. A so

  10. D eventually

  11. A surprised

  12. B option

  13. D For example

  14. C spot

  15. B through

  16. D breaks

  17. A artificial

  18. A Finally

  19. B mark

  20. C lead

  Section II Reading Comprehension

  Part A

  Text 1

  21. A enhance banker's sense of responsibility

  22. D "short-termism" in economic activities

  23. B adverse

  24. C the approaches to promoting "long-termism"

  25. B Patience as a Corporate Virtue

  Text 2

  26. D The influence of consumer culture

  27. A To help freshmen adapt to college learning

  28. A obtain more financial support

  29. C to be identical with each other

  30. C analyzing the causes behind it

  Text 3

  31. C involves some concerns raised by AI today

  32. D is too limited for us to reproduce it

  33. B is still beyond our capacity

  34. A affirmation

  35. C The conscience of AI:Complex But Inevitable

  Text 4

  36. C make more online shopper pay sale tax

  37. D were considered unfavorable by states

  38. C harmed fair market competition

  39. B big-chain owners

  40. A gives a factual account of it and discuss its consequences

  Part B


  41. E

  42. D

  43. G

  44. B

  45. A

  Part C


  46. 医学期刊中存在大量由广播公司和新闻媒体报道的这种无稽之谈,这会导致健康恐慌和短暂的饮食狂热。

  47. 如今,任何申请研究职位的人都必须发表两倍于10年前同一职位所需的论文数量。



  450. 如果我们想认真确保科学既有意义又可再生,那么我们必须确保我们的制度可以激励这种科学的发展。

  Section Ⅲ Writing

  Part A

  51. 参考范文:

  Dear Sir ,

  It is appreciated to know from your letter of Dec.18 that you applied for our Aiding Rural Primary School program. Thanks for your interest in teaching application. Following is a brief introduction of this program and some detailed instructions which may help you have a clear clue.

  This international program aims to help the students in the distant areas. It has been 10 years since it was set up. Now we have more than 10000 volunteers for over 30 schools, ranging from Asia to Europe. First, volunteer teachers are expected to have a plan for his or her teaching. Second, each teacher is required to have office hours for questions from students, four hours a week, from Monday to Friday.

  I am sure that you would have a good time and make many new friends here. All of the teachers here are caring persons and this experience is expected to be an enjoyable journey and a good memory for you later. Please contact me immediately if there is any question. Best wishes to you.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming

  Part B


  Vividly illustrated in the above picture are two young college students climbing a famous mountain. One student, sitting on the steps too tired to continue climbing, said, “I’m too tired and don’t want to climb any more.” Another one, however, gave him a bottle of water and encouraged him to have a rest and then go on climbing. The caption under the picture reads, “On the way to the top of a mountain”.

  The cartoon reflects a common phenomenon that perseverance is an indispensable part of our lives, which has aroused wide public concerns and provoked heated discussions recently. No one would deny that, perseverance is truly the fundamental attribute of top performers, which separates the high achievers from the rest of the pack. After years of research, Prof. Liu, a leading authority in sociology, once stated, “It was by sticking to what they were aiming to that some famous leaders in the history created incredible miracles, like win a great war or establish a great empire from scratch.” Besides, a great example of benefits of perseverance would be the success story of Jack Ma. He had no educational background in technology and didn’t have a degree from any top-tier University, but he became a dot-com billionaire with his persistent innovation in online market place.

  As far as a qualified college student is concerned, I firmly believe that we can profit a lot from the spirit of perseverance. For my part, I would never lose any chance to insist when encountering the problems and setbacks. Besides, I would strongly appeal to my fellow classmates to develop such a valuable spirit as perseverance to face the challenges and hardships.

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