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I. Vocabulary and grammar (30 points, 1 for each)

Directions: There are thirty incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence and then write down your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

1. They are well ______ with each other since they once studied in the same university.

A. identified      B. recognized      C. acknowledged    D. acquainted

2. The medicine ______ his pain but did not cure his illness.

A. activated      B. alleviated        C. medicated      D. deteriorated

3. In ancient China, thunder was believed to be a manifestation of the ______ of the gods.

A. spirit        B. power          C. wrath          D. sorrow

4. One will be punished or fined, if one ______ the traffic lights.

A. devises      B. deprives          C. defies        D. detects

5. The minister has to provide a very ______ explanation for the new medical care reform.

A. compulsory    B. comprehensive    C. sophisticated    D. understanding

6. We should ________ our energy and youth to the development of our country.

A. dedicate         B. cater                C. ascribe         D. cling

7. These areas rely on agriculture almost ______, having few mineral resources and a minimum of industrial development.

A. respectively    B. extraordinarily    C. incredibly      D. exclusively

8. For years now, the people of that faraway country have been cruelly ______ by a dictator.

A. depressed      B. immersed      C. oppressed        D. cursed

9. For some time now, world leaders _______ out the necessity for agreement on arms reduction.

A. had been pointing  B. have been pointing  C. were pointing  D. pointed

10. _______ I like economics, I like sociology much better.

A. As much as      B. So much      C. How much      D. Much as

11. After _______ seemed an endless wait, it was her turn to enter the personal manager’s office.

A. that          B. there          C. what            D. it

12. Mr. Brown’s condition looks very serious and it is doubtful if he will _______.

A. pull back      B. pull up        C. pull through      D. pull out

13. He will have to _______ his indecent behavior one day.

A. answer to      B. answer for      C. answer back      D. answer about

14. In the preface _______ the thesis, the author attaches great importance to data analysis.

A. about        B. of        C. to        D. for

15. He wishes that he _______ a teacher instead of a lawyer when he graduated from college.

A. had been      B. has been      C. was      D. is

16. _______ as it was at such a time, his work attracted much attention.

A. Published  B. Being published  C. Publishing    D. To be published

17. The old couple received many greetings and gifts from their families and friends _______ their diamond anniversary.

A. in the event of  B. in the occasion of  C. on the event of  D. on the occasion of

18. Some newspapers are trying to _______ to people’s love of scandal.

A. satisfy      B. cater      C. provide      D. supply

19. At the age of sixty, Daniel Defoe _______ on his career of writer.

A. started      B. embarked      C. barked      D. set

20. Many people are _______ at impolite behavior during a funeral service.

A. tired      B. indignant      C. surprised    D. indifferent

21. Don’t _______ this news to the public until we give you the go-ahead.

A. release      B. relieve        C. relate        D. retain

22. We get milk on _______ days because it is not delivered every day.

A. alternate    B. alternative    C. alterable    D. changing

23. The army’s brave fighting _______ in total victory.

A. eliminated    B. illustrated      C. culminated    D. dominated

24. With the _______ of China’s political influence on international stage, overseas Chinese are more and more respected in all fields.

A. elevating    B. lifting    C. ascending    D. descending

25. Luggage _______ 20kg will be charged extra.

A. in need of    B. in excess of    C. in store for    D. in the nick of time

26. The reporter asked for a statement, but the governor refused to _______.

A. comment    B. commence    C. commend    D. recommend

27. According to the report, the lion escaping from the zoo was still _______.

A. in large      B. at large      C. by and large    D. largely

28. _______ I sympathize, I can’t really do very much to help them out of the difficulties.

A. As long as      B. As      C. While      D. Even

29. It goes without saying that pollution _______ a serious threat to the continued existence of some species living on earth.

A. poses        B. imposes        C. provokes        D. evokes

30. Apart from caring for her children, she has to take on such heavy _______ housework as carrying water and firewood.

A.time-consumed  B. timely-consumed  C. time-consuming  D. timely-consuming

II. Reading comprehension (40 points)

Section A: Read and make the best choice (30 points, 2 for each)

Directions: In this section there are three passages followed by 15 multiple-choice questions. Read the passages and then write down your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

Passage One

It was a normal day in the life of the American Red Cross in Greater New York. First, part of a building on West 140th Street, in Harlem, fell down. Beds tumbled through the air, people slid out of their apartments and onto the ground, three people died, and the Red Cross was there, helping shocked residents find temporary shelter, and food and clothing. Then it was back downtown for that evening’s big fund-raiser, the Eleventh Annual Red Cross Award Dinner Dance, at the Pierre. “That’s why I have bad hair tonight,” Said Christopher Peake, a Red Cross spokesman who had spent much of the day at the Harlem scene, in the drizzling rain. He was now in a tuxedo, and actually his hair didn’t look so bad, framed by a centerpiece of tulips and jonquils, and perhaps improved by subdued lighting from eight crystal chandeliers.

Definitely not having a bad-hair night was Elizabeth Dole, the wife of Senator Robert Dole and the president of the American Red Cross. President Dole has chestnut-colored Republican hair, which was softly coifed, and she was wearing a fitted burgundy velvet evening suit (“Someone made it for me! I love velvet!” she exclaimed, in her enthusiastic, Northern Carolina hostess voice) and sparkling drop earrings. Of course, she hadn’t been standing in the rain in Harlem; she had just flown up on the three-o’clock shuttle from Washington. Dole is extremely pretty, with round green eyes and a full mouth and a direct personality. She tilts her head attentively when she listens. She was the recipient of the evening’s award; previous award winners have included Alice Tully, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, ...and, most recently, Brooke Astor. Not exactly a sequence at the end of which you would expect to find Elizabeth Dole, but award givers are famous for having political instincts as well as philanthropic ones.

Surrounded by the deep-blue swags and golden draperies of the ballroom were more than thirty-five dinner tables set with groupings of candles and floral centerpieces and Royal Doulton china, American Express was there. So were Bristol-Myers Squibb; Coopers & Lybrand; the New York Life; ...and Price Waterhouse. The actress Arlene Dahl, with her rather red hair and her bearded husband, presided over one table. Otherwise, it was a typical, faceless, captain-of-industry fund raiser (No models! No stars!), of which there seems to be at least one every night in New York City. It was not a society night, but still the evening raised four hundred and thirty thousand dollars.

31. From what we read we can infer that “it was a normal day in the life of the American Red              Cross in Greater New York” means its staff _______.

A. deal with the fall of houses in the city every day

B. are busy helping people who suffer from disasters every day

C. work during the day and to have banquet in the evening every day

D. go to Harlem, the poorest district of New York, every day and help people there

32. The fund-raiser mentioned in the passage refers to _______.

A. Robert Dole

B. Elizabeth Dole

C. The Eleventh Annual Red Cross Award Dinner Dance

D. all the business companies attending the Dinner Dance

33. Christopher Peake’s hair didn’t look so bad because _______.

A. he was wearing a handsome tuxedo

B. he was wearing tulips on his suit

C. he was seen among flowers

D. he was sitting near flowers and in very soft light

34. Elizabeth Dole was _______.

A. the president of the American Red Cross and acted at the Dinner as a North Carolina hostess

B. a republican and wife of the president of the American Red Cross

C. the president of the American Red Cross and its main representative at the Annual Dinner Dance

D. born in North Carolina, became an air-hostess and later married Senator Robert Dole.

35. The presence of an actress at the Dinner made the fund raising _______.

A. less impersonal

B. a typical fund-raising event

C. less personal

D. more business-like

Passage Two

It is often claimed that nuclear energy is something we cannot do without. We live in a consumer society where there is an enormous demand for commercial products of all kinds. Moreover, an increase in industrial production is considered to be one solution to the problem of mass unemployment. Such an increase presumes an abundant and cheap energy supply. Many people believe that nuclear energy provides an inexhaustible and economical source of power and that it is therefore essential for an industrially developing society. There are a number of other advantages in the use of nuclear energy. Firstly, nuclear power, except for accidents, is clean. A further advantage is that a nuclear power station can be run and maintained by relatively few technical and administrative staff. The nuclear reactor represents an enormous step in our scientific evolution and, whatever the anti-nuclear group says, it is wrong to expect a return to more primitive sources of fuel. However, opponents of nuclear energy point out that nuclear power stations bring a direct threat not only to the environment but also to civil liberties.

Furthermore, it is questionable whether ultimately nuclear power is a cheap source of energy. There have, for example, been very costly accidents in America, in Britain and, of course, in Russia. The possibility of increases in the cost of uranium in addition to the cost of greater safety provisions could price nuclear power out of the market. In the long run, environmentalists argue, nuclear energy wastes valuable resources and disturbs the ecology to an extent which could bring about the destruction of the human race. Thus if we wish to survive, we cannot afford nuclear energy. In spite of the case against nuclear energy outlined above, nuclear energy programs are expanding. Such an expansion assumes a continual growth in industrial production and consumer demands. However, it is doubtful whether this growth will or can continue. Having weighed up the arguments on both sides, it seems there are good economic and ecological reasons for sources of energy other than nuclear power.

36. The writer’s attitude toward nuclear energy is _______.

A. indifferent

B. tolerant

C. favorable

D. negative

37. According to the opponents of nuclear energy, which of the following is TRUE of nuclear energy?

A. Primitive.

B. Cheap.

C. Exhaustible.

D. Unsafe.

38. Some people claim that nuclear energy is essential because _______.

A. it provides a perfect solution to mass unemployment

B. it represents an enormous step forward in our scientific evolution

C. it can meet the growing demand of an industrially developing society

D. nuclear power stations can be run and maintained by relatively few technical and administrative staff

39. Which of the following statements does the writer support?

A. The demand for commercial products will not necessarily keep increasing.

B. Nuclear energy is something we cannot do without.

C. Uranium is a good source of energy for economic and ecological reasons.

D. Greater safety provisions can bring about the expansion of nuclear energy programs.

40. The function of the last sentence is to _______.

A. advance the final argument

B. reflect the writer’s attitude

C. reverse previously expressed thoughts

D. show the disadvantages of nuclear power

Passage Three

We hear it a lot the news these days:

“Recycle newspapers and save a tree. Collect bottles and cans so they can be reused in the manufacturing of new products.”

Protecting our delicate environment seems to be on the agenda of politicians, government leaders, and citizens in many parts of the world to show support for Mother Nature. The concept of green consumerism has gained momentum more and more over the last decade, and the public feels moved to pitch in and help. However, three essential keys needed to power this movement include a more informed public, the development of improved technology, and a greater demand for recycled materials.

Let’s use paper as an example. The first step is to raise public awareness about the recycling process, to explain the kinds of materials that can be recycled, and provide ways on how to properly dispose of them. Local governments should educate the public on how to properly sort reusable materials from those, like waxed paper, carbon paper, plastic laminated material such as fast food wrappers, that can’t be recycled very easily. Then, a system of collecting these sorted materials needs to be established. Public interest might be there, but may soon wane if recycling centers located in convenient locations are not available. Sometimes we become complacent when it comes to recycling, but when you speak in terms of actual facts and figures that everyone can understand, people become more cognizant of the problem. I remember reading one time that the energy saved from one recycled can provides enough power to operate a television set for three hours. Give the public information they can grasp in real terms, and then you will increase your chances of gaining followers.

Second, technological progress has been made on many fronts, but governmental agencies need to step up their support for companies involved in recycling by providing tax incentives, low -cost loans, or even grants to upgrade equipment and to encourage further research. One breakthrough has been the development of a new manufacturing process that uses enzymes to help remove ink from paper in more energy efficient and environmentally safe methods. Recycling paper materials can be expensive in both monetary and environmental terms. The difficulty in removing print from paper, the amount of energy expended during the process, and caustic waste that is sometimes produced are costs that companies incur that are then passed onto the consumer.

The final key is to increase demand for the growing surplus of resources waiting to be recycled. This problem has appeared in various regions of the world where the technology to process the used materials lags far behind the amount being collected for recycling. There may be a great outpouring of support; yet the great stumbling block to implementing the second stage of this plan could be thwarted by the corporate sector’s inability to find commercial enterprises interested in using recycled goods especially when the cost exceeds those of virgin materials.

Recycling is a crucial link protecting our planet. The three keys mentioned are important ways to achieve this end.

41. What would be the best title for this passage?

A. Important Keys to Recycling Paper

B. Technological Advances Improve Recycling

C. Steps to Improving Recycling

D. Best Ways to Protect Our Environment

42. According to the article, paper materials that are difficult to recycle include ______.

A. copy paper

B. document shred

C. food wrappers

D. bottles and cans

43. In some cases, recycling could be hazardous to the environment if special precautions are not taken because ______.

A. industrial emissions are sometimes created in the process

B. chemical waste is sometimes produced as a result

C. a great deal of energy is expended to create new products

D. there is a lot of bacteria in waste things

44. According to the passage, the demand for recyclable materials in the manufacturing of new products is sometimes sluggish because ______.

A. some governments are unwilling to support expensive recycling methods

B. there is a lack of advanced technology to process the materials

C. businesses do not invest enough money into research

D. people don’t like waste things

45. Which is NOT one of the main keys to recycling as mentioned in the passage?

A. Government regulation of waste.

B. A more informed public.

C. Better technology.

D. More demand for recycled materials.

Section B: Read and answer question (10 points, 2 for each)

Directions: In this section there is one passage followed by five questions. Please answer the questions briefly and then write down your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

George had stolen some money, but the police had caught him and he had been put in prison. Now his trial was about to begin, and he felt sure that he would be found guilty and sent to prison for a long time.

Then he discovered that an old friend of his was one of the members of the jury at his trail. Of course, he didn’t tell anybody, but he managed to see his friend secretly one day. He said to him, “Jim, I know that the jury will find me guilty of having stolen the money. I cannot hope to be found not guilty of taking it – that would be too much to expect. But I should be grateful to you for the rest of my life if you could persuade the other members of the jury to add a strong recommendation for mercy to their statement that they consider me guilty.”

“Well, George,” answered Jim, “I shall certainly try to do what I can for you as an old friend, but of course I cannot promise anything. The other eleven people on the jury look terribly strong-minded to me.”

George said that he would quite understand if Jim was not able to do anything for him, and thanked him warmly for agreeing to help.

The trial went on, and at last the time came for the jury to decide whether George was guilty or not. It took them five hours, but in the end they found George guilty, with a strong recommendation for mercy.

Of course, George was very pleased, but he didn’t have a chance to see Jim for some time after the trial. At last, however, Jim visited him in prison, and George thanked him warmly and asked him how he had managed to persuade the other members of the jury to recommend mercy.

“Well, George,” Jim answered, “as I thought, those eleven men were very difficult to persuade, but I managed it in the end by tiring them out. Do you know, those fools had all wanted to find you not guilty!”

46. How do you define “jury”?

47. What did George expect Jim to do?

48. What did Jim do to help George?

49. Why did George feel pleased about the decision?

50. Who do you think is the biggest fool?

III. Writing (30 points)

Traffic congestions are a headache in many cities across the country as a result of rapid increase of private cars. Therefore, some people suggest that a limit be put on the number of private cars. Do you agree or disagree with such a proposal? Write an essay of about 400 words on the following topic:

Should a Limit Be Put on Private Cars?

In the first part of your essay you should state clearly your main argument, and in the second part you should support your argument with appropriate details. In the last part you should bring what you have written to a natural conclusion or make a summary.

You should supply an appropriate title for your essay.

Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriateness. Failure to follow the above instructions may result in a loss of marks. Write your essay on your ANSWER SHEET.