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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is easier for parents to raise their children than 50 years ago.
1月28日 教育-政府
Which one government should fund to improve children’s education?
1. hire more teachers to teach in a small class
2. preschool education before kindergarten
3. to provide some training courses so that teachers can be more professional.
8月25日 教育-学校
You may choose between two professors who will be teaching a course that you must take at your university. If the following statements are the only information available to you about the differences between the two professors, which professor would you choose? Why?
--One professor was voted most popular in a survey of students about their teachers.
--One professors has just been given an award for outstanding research.
9月8日 教育-学校
Agree or Disagree: Professor should prohibit the use of devices that can connect to the internet in class.
12月16日 教育-学校
Some professors prefer to give students the recording of the lecture in advance and focus on practice and discussion in class. Do you think it is effective?
Which one is the most important factor to help you work productively?
1)Having an environment which is free of noise and distractions.
2)Knowing that you will receive a reward.
3)Doing something you are interested in.
Imagine you need to improve your performance in order to get better grades or higher work payment which way would you choose?
1)doing more extra work or assignments that are required;
2)participate more actively or contributing your own idea more frequently in the group discussion.
Do you agree that it needs to take risks, or keep cautious and careful and take less risks for a person to finally reach success?


  02无论新题还是旧题,关注的点并没有变化,每个话题的小key words并没有变化,并且也是轮流考察,同学们要注意题干意义的把握。
Which one of the following values is the most important to share with a young child(5-10 years old)?
1)being helpful;
2)Being honesty;
3)Being well organized.
In many places, students aged 12-18 are typically taught different subjects by different teachers, while younger students are usually taught by only one teacher all day long. Some people think it would also benefit younger students to be taught by several different teachers every day.
A university should require all the students to take public speaking class.
It is impossible that always be honest with your friends.
Which way would you like to change to improve your health?
1)The kind of food you eat;
2)The amount of exercise;
3)The amount of stress.
To be a successful person, one must open up to new ideas and willing to change his or her mind.
Taking a lot of time to make an important decision is often considered as a bad quality for a person, but in fact, it is a good quality for a person to have.
Companies should pay for the employees to get a degree in the university.
Which one do you think is the most useful to improve our environment?
1)Walking or bicycling to reduce driving;
2)Only consuming organic food (reduce pesticide);
3)Reusing wastes.
Some people think the media (including newspapers,televisions,radio and internet sources)are less concerned with the accuracy of news. some people think the information from the media are becoming incorrect . Do you agree with this opinion or not and explain why?Include examples and specific reasons.

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