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摘要 :   16. Do you agree or disagree that primary school is considering spend more time on teaching young student (5-11) technology (like computer) than teaching music and art?  选择disagree方向,认为低龄学生学习艺术音乐更好:  ① Firstly, for young students accepting artistic-related courses is...

  16. Do you agree or disagree that primary school is considering spend more time on teaching young student (5-11) technology (like computer) than teaching music and art?


  ① Firstly, for young students accepting artistic-related courses is essential in their primary stage of schooling. 很明显,学生在艺术方面的早期学习有助于他们丰富自己的课程类型(diverse their courses),并且很有可能(be likely to)充分全面的发展自己的潜力(develop their potential to the fullest),甚至于对于以后的就业有一定帮助(contribute to future career)。此处可以具体列举细节;

  ② Furthermore, learning technology such as computer in the early stage could be beyond young students’ ability. 低龄学生的学习能力比较有限(be confined to their study ability)。但科技相关课程的学习不仅仅是去回应一些简单的指令或规则(respond to some simple instructions or rules),而是需要系统的学习(study systematically) 。所以,等到他们具备足够学习能力的时候再进行系统的科技课程的学习会更有意义。

  ③A more striking viewpoint for me to support the disagreement that young students should not study technology classes when aging at 5-11 is that technology like computer actually is quite common in today’s world. 科技的高速发展带来了电脑等科技的高度普及(wide popularization in our society),所以低龄学生虽然不具备太强的学习能力,但他们在日常的生活学习中已经对科技类相关知识有符合自己年纪的认知(technology knowledge which is appropriate for their age is acknowledged adequately) 。这些都是不需要太早学习科技相关课程的理由。

  17. Do you agree or disagree: it is better to use your own knowledge and experience to solve problems than to ask other people for advice.

  Position: I disagree with the statement that it is better to use your own knowledge and experience to solve problems than to ask other people for advice.

  ① There is no denying the fact that it is more efficient to come up with creative solutions of problems with help of other people. (在别人的帮助下能更有效率地提出问题的解答)

  Demonstration: First, there are lots of various problems in daily life, which are beyond our abilities. In addition, we could seek the best way to solve problems with the guidance of our parents, teachers and friends, who may have lots of experience. (首先有很多问题我们自身的能力解决不了,其次有了别人的帮助之后我们能找到最好的解决方式)

  ② Another factor which should be taken into account is that we can develop our abilities of communication and cooperation and learn how to handle enormous kinds of information for solving problems during the process. (在询问别人的过程中也能锻炼自己的沟通合作能力,以及面对海量信息的处理能力)

  Demonstration: The ability of compiling numbers of information is quite essential in the complex world. (当今复杂的世界要求具有能够处理大量信息的能力)

  ③Concession: Admittedly, it is justifiable to hold that using your own knowledge and skills could develop your ability of solving problems alone. (这一段是让步段,表明了依赖自己的知识技能解决问题可以锻炼自己的独立解决问题的能力)

  18. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays people are more willing to help the people they don't know (for example, giving clothing and food to the people who need them) than people were in the past.


  ① First, people now show more willingness to volunteer in charitable organizations than before. 学校的社团会组织学生一起去敬老院、孤儿院,很多成年人也会利用周末时间去做义工,更有人辞去工作去乡村支教。细节及例子应该非常好写。然后再对比下以前的人往往都是做好自己的工作,没有太多意识(awareness)也没有实际行动(action)去当志愿者。

  ② Furthermore, an increasing number people now tend to donate money voluntarily to those in need, regardless of who they are. 除了捐钱到慈善机构之外,现在有很多人通过线上平台(online platform)或其他媒体为需要帮助的人捐钱,然而以前一方面没有这样的平台,另一方面大部分因为自己经济条件的限制,也不会像限制这样捐钱给不认识的人;

  ③Even if not being a volunteer or donating money, people now are more glad to spread the information of those who ask for help. Social working system的发展让人们能更便捷的获取需要帮助的人的信息,即使自己没有时间去帮助他们,或者没有钱去捐助,人们也更愿意contribute to让更多人知道这个信息,这其实也是一种间接帮助。所以我们能看到很多Twitter上转发的求助信息,然而这些都是几十年前所不具备的。

  19. A/D It is a waste of money for governments to fund the space travel or space explorations.

  It recent decades, hundreds of satellites and spaceships have blasted into space. Governments have spend a great deal of money on space research, but people hold diverse perspective on it. Some believe that it is meaningful to invest in space exploration, while others consider it totally unnecessary. As I see it, it is unwise to spend much money on space exploration; rather, governments should devote money to settle the issues that are more related to people’s daily life.

  To begin with, governments should invest heavily in infrastructure, conforming to the interests of the majorities. People, in current society, can hardly live without infrastructure. The more developed the infrastructure is, the more benefits each individual could enjoy. For example, governments are supposed to provide citizens with an advanced system of public transportation. However, in most urban areas, the development of cities and the increase of vehicle ownership have led to frequent traffic congestion. If governments could invest more in the optimization of traffic network and the improvement of road-building, traffic problems can be solved efficiently. Similarly, investment in medical facilities also has favorable outcomes. Advanced medical facilities offer patients effective treatment, thus protecting people from fatal diseases and decreasing the death rate. Therefore, the improvement of infrastructure is conducive to every citizen.

  In addition, the social sector also deserves more funds. For any country, an efficient social program improves the living standard of the public and thus contributes to the prosperity of the country’s economy. Take the United States as an example. During the Great Depression, people on the States suffered from poverty and hunger due to the unemployment. In order to improve people’s living conditions, President Franklin Roosevelt, along with his government, focused on providing a reliable social security program for citizens. By offering economic aid to the poor and the old, people were gradually relieved of the extreme poverty. Also, by establishing the Tennessee Valley and the Civilian Conservation Crops, the unemployment rate was significantly decreased. Due to these social programs. The economy of the United States revived. Hence, it is of great significance to emphasize social security development.

  It is not to say that we should totally ignore the significance of the space exploration. In fact, the level of the development of the space exploration is the reflection of a country’s international status. However, it is far from life of the majority of people. Residents in the country cannot expect any immediate benefits, due to the fact that space exploration is nothing but long-term and unpredictable. For instance, although the Soviet Union put great efforts in developing space programs in the last century, its economy still stagnated and its residents still faced difficulties in their daily life.

  To sum up, given that funding infrastructure and social programs greatly benefit all citizens as well as the nation, it is natural to draw the conclusion that governments should spend money on these sectors instead of space space exploration. (493w)

  20. What is the most useful action for people to help protect the environment?

  - Travel by bike or walk to destination

  - Reuse and recycle waste materials

  - Purchase local organic food

  While the rapidly developing technologies are benefiting our daily lives in so many ways, such as lowering the cost of transportation and increasing our work efficiency, they are also expediting our destruction of the environment. For example, the more efficient chainsaws have enabled lumberjacks to cut down tress much faster and the enhanced fertilizers are causing imbalance in our ecosystem. For this reason, the public has been debating over in which way can people help conserve our environment. Personally, I tend to root for purchasing local organic food for the following reasons.

  First of all, the “local” aspect signifies a drastic reduction in the amount of transportation required for the agricultural products to be delivered from the producers to the customers. Traditionally, the products have to travel thousands of miles in trains or trucks in order to reach its customers. For every mile the products travel, a large amount of greenhouse gas will be released from the internal combustion engines of the vehicles carrying them, while consuming a considerable amount of fossil fuel. However, if instead of purchasing the products produced thousands of miles away, we were to opt for those grown by the farmers in the outskirt of our city, the distance traveled by our food would decrease significantly. In fact, there has been a movement advocated by a small town in the United States called the “localvore” movement. Their name mimics the “carnivores” and “herbivores,” indicating their preference for locally produced products. According to their leaders, a large part of the reason for doing this is the reduction in the amount of greenhouse gas released during transportation.

  Second of all, the “organic” aspect indicates abstentious employment of pesticides and fertilizers, which will greatly contribute to the re-balance of our ecosystem. Ever since the severe destruction to the local environment caused by the massive use of a particular type of pesticide called “DDT”, the word has recognized the truth that while these pesticides and fertilizers are excellent boosts for agricultural production, they also pose great threat to our environment. As a result, the government around the globe have dedicated more resources into developing more environmentally friendly fertilizers eliminates the possibility of making it completely friendly to the environment. Therefore, I believe that by purchasing organic products, we are taking the first step in restoring the balance of our ecosystem, which has been broken by the pesticides’ eliminating entire regions of insects and the fertilizers’ making the soil and water bodies eutrophic.

  It is not to say we should completely ignore the benefits of travelling by bike or walk to destination and reusing and recycling waste materials. For example, people will be forced to ration the use of fuels, and the environment will be clean and tidy. However, by giving up their right to drive, the public will experience a severe increment in their time spent on the road and by recycling used materials, the public also has to make additional efforts. In contrast, by opting for local organic food, the customers simply have to make a different choice at the local supermarkets, which brings little trouble. In addition, due to the reduce time of transportation, the products will be fresher and thus taste better, which is an additional benefit for the customers.

  In a nutshell, among the three choices provided above, I tend to believe that purchasing local organic products would be the most effective one. (582w)

  21. Which is the most important thing for a political leader to ensure the prosperity of a country:

  - Creating more jobs

  - Increasing agriculture and lowering food prices

  - Increasing access to affordable housing

  It takes more than charismatic leadership to prosper a nation. Instead, the administration has to employ all sorts of measures ranging from economic boost to housing subsidies, and I think creating more jobs would be on top of the priority list.

  First, more jobs can bring vitality to the economy. Needless to say, getting laid off would be a real blow for anyone. If the government fails to open up the job prospect for such individuals, they will end up being jobless and living on a limited budget. In that case, they will be forced to curtail living expenses. For example, a former middle-class family are now less likely to dine in fancy restaurants or purchase high-end items like they used to. Therefore, higher jobless rate means lower consumption power, which puts a hold on the national economy. In contrast, people will fare better if the government offers on-job training, unemployment benefits or start-up privileges. As long as more job opportunities are available to the public, people will be both willing and able to raise their living standard, such as upgrading the home theater, buying a RV for family road trip or investing in personal hobbies, all of which is conducive to the local economic growth.

  Second, more job opportunities can create security and stability. An administration cannot ensure prosperity without standing up for its people in times of hardships. With job-boosting policies, the public will be willing to start up businesses and generate profound incomes in their hometown, therefore creating a stable and harmonious social atmosphere. Take the contemporary China for instance. The recent years has witnessed a boom in young entrepreneurs from all walks of life and a decline in emigration rates. The major reason lies in a newly minted government policy. It does away with government red tapes and enables the college graduates to take out loans with more ease, which encourages the youth to start their own businesses. Decades ago, when people felt their future career could be at stake, they would explore options abroad to counter the crisis. However, when job issues have been taken care of, people will feel content and secured.

  So why food subsidies and affordable housing didn’t make the list? Some would argue the increasingly high food costs and surging house prices have troubled quite a few. But truth be told, these problems won’t be an issue if unemployment has become a thing of the past. With a decent job and a generous salary, people will be able to afford well-balanced meals and well-furnished residence. So when the government keeps things in the right direction, one measure can serve multiple purposes. (447words)

  22. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People can solve important problems in daily life on their own or with the help from families, so the help from government is not necessary.

  In contemporary society, it is widely acknowledge that the government has assumed a vital role in our daily lives. The issue of whether help from the government or from families is necessary since we can deal with problems on our own has triggered quite a debate. Some people assert that help from the government is unnecessary because what bureaucrats have done with our tax money has nothing to do with our daily life. However, further evidence makes me inclined to believe that it is still necessary to have the government’s help, as there are certain problems we cannot solve without the help of the government.

  The primary argument for my opinion is that considering the severity of environmental problems, any individual or family cannot deal with it without the help of the government. As is known to all, nowadays environmental issues are becoming more severe due to the rapid development of technology and industrial production. For example, the severe air pollution has done great harm to our body now in China. Although people can wear special masks to reduce the amount of noxious substance they breathe in, such action has no further or propounding effect on the management of air condition. To illustrate, the real reason for haze is that some factories produce large amount of waste such as dust or smog, and emit them into air. In this case, only the government can come up with effective methods to solve problem. In my city, the government orders manufacturers to remove their factories from suburb to countryside, so that little amount of dust will ever come to the city and cause an obnoxious haze. Also, the government enacts laws and regulations that clearly prohibit any form of emission of dust in the city. As a result, the air pollution can be significantly alleviated and people’s lives are made much easier and healthier.

  Another factor we should take into account is that, when it comes to certain social matters such as education, we all live under the shelter of the government. Today’s society has greatly stressed the importance of fair and high quality education, as the increasing average level of schooling marks the advancement of a country. However, due to the disparity of resources, many children in remote and poor areas may mot receive proper education in their school age. Such problem goes far beyond the reach of these children or their family. But fortunately, with the government devoted to provide equal opportunities of education, now every kid can enjoy nine-year compulsory education free of charge. The government strives to allocate resources to these areas: founding schools and educational institutions, supplying necessary equipment and teachers, and providing funding. In China, thousands of Hope Primary Schools have been built under such guidelines, and millions of children can now read textbooks in a spacious classroom. Only the government is capable of making such great differences and alleviating the disparity of education. Then it is easy to tell that, on similar issues, what an individual or a family can do is quite limited.

  Overall, based on the arguments above, I can firmly maintain that the help from the government is so necessary that it actually changes the way we live, especially on environment and educational issues. (548w)

  23. A/D Students nowadays are more interested in politics than in the past.

  Politics has always been a very important aspect of our modern society as it deals with matters related to the general well-being of a nation’s as well as world peace. However, it has been conventionally conceived that, students, especially teenage students, are excluded from anything political, while one could make that argument a few years ago, it would be immediately contradicted in recent years for the following reasons.

  First of all, thanks to the accelerating development of communication technologies , students now have easier access to an abundance of political news and information with a few taps on their screen. In the past, it could take several hours for reporters to collect information, conduct interviewers and eventually publish an article in the news paper or play a footage on the television. In recent years, due to the popularization of smart phones and supplementary wireless communication at a reasonable price, it only takes a few minutes to write a short review or comment on a recent event, which could be instantaneously reviewed by the public. Nowadays, anyone can download a CNN or BBC app on their phone within a few minutes and peruse the breaking news and analysis of current political situation in the politics section. Without abundant information, students’ interest in a certain subject can never be piqued, so the convenience of fetching political news has contributed the students’ growing interests in this subject.

  Second of all, politics and education are becoming more involved and interconnected. This means that the events and activities in the political world are exerting a stronger influence on the academic aspect of the students’ daily lives, which mandates that students be more concerned with the updates of both local and global politics. In the past, without the correlation between politics and academic activities, instead of paying more focus on politics, students only were inclined to strive for higher grades. For example, the Obama administration recognized that a global tendency towards a spur in demand of employees in professions related to science and technology, and immediately advocated a new focus of education, namely STEM education. Under the general policy coming from the White House, the public and private schools across the United States have devoted more resources into STEM related courses and have organized extracurricular activities accordingly. This change has had a huge impact on students’ daily lives in that they might be wondering why the science courses have become more important and perhaps increased in quantity and intensity. This has reminded the students to pay more attention to the political world.

  In a nutshell, I do believe that recent years have seen an increase in students’ interests in the political world, induced by the advancement of communication technology, increased connection between politics and education, and the globalization. (469w)

  24. A/D One can learn about another person from the books and movie that person likes.

  Spending a significant amount of time with someone is necessary to get to know their personalities and temperaments. Sometimes, people can also tell a person’s quality and determine his or her personality by analyzing their behaviors. When it comes to the question of whether one can learn about another person from the books or movies that the person likes, I personally am in favor of this statement based on the following reasons.

  First off, by judging from the books or movies or even TV programs that someone like we can tell a person’s interests and hobbies, consequently we can learn more about them. As we all know, a person tends to immerse himself or herself in things that his or her is of favor. For example, my roommate back in college was really into auto magazines, TV shows and even movies featuring fancy sports cars. At first, I did not know him so well to know his hobbies and interests,but I was sure at that time that he must have been a big fan of cars. Indeed, my judgment was right and he was a car freak, he likes all kinds of vehicles like sedan, SUV, recreational vehicles, etc. It is not an exaggeration to claim that he can tell not only the brand but also the version of a specific vehicle by just checking out the picture of the cockpit of the car. Ultimately, we can tell a person’s hobbies by the movies and books they like.

  Additionally, the genre of the books that someone reads says a lot about the person’s character and temperament. Actually, it is natural for someone to shape their characters just because the characters in the novels or movies have a dramatic impact on the person’s behavior and attitude, regardless of the types of the characters like fairy, alien or someone with superpower. For instance, girls who read a lot of romantic novels like Gone With the Wind might be very emotional and very committed to someone they love. For someone who read science fiction novels or watch movies featuring future events and exploration of outer space tend to be very creative and willing to take risks, to be more specific, they might be someone who friends can depend on when they got stuck in some sort of exploration. For someone who likes to read classics of all times like the works by Jane Austen or Ernest Hemingway, they tend to cherish the simplicities and trivialities in lives.

  Admittedly, one’s favorite books and movies cannot be the omni bearing indicator of a person. Some information, such as family background and real personality and not gather from the books and movies he fancies. However, one’s favorites give some information about his education level and professions A person with a low education level will never read a book requires too much intelligence. Unsurprisingly, a large number of people tend to choose the kind of books related to his job to read. So is the movie.

  In a nutshell, by judging from the genre of the book that someone reads, not only can we tell a lot about the person’s interests and hobbies but also the person's character and temperament. (549w)

  25. Do you agree or disagree: Universities should spend more money on facilities (such as libraries, computer labs, and technology in general) than to spend more money on hiring famous teachers.


  ① 花钱在设施上和学生成绩提高联系紧密。(There is a convincing connection between the quality of teaching facilities and students’ grades.) 例子用的是实验课。花钱买实验设备就能让枯燥实验课变得有趣。

  ② 花钱在设施上有助于培养学生创造力。(Teachers will be able to plan and develop intriguing teaching methods if they can take advantage of the best teaching facilities.) 例子用的机器人。花钱买机器人可以鼓舞学生以后设计自己的机器人。

  ③ 好的有名气的老师流动性比较大,而设施是不动产,能够保证教学的持久性。

  26. Do you agree or disagree: In the past, people were more friendly than they are today.


  ① 过去人们交流更频繁。(People in the past were more accessible and communicated more frequently.) 现代建筑和科技阻隔了人与人之间的沟通,人们因此更加不了解。可以举例说现在和几十年前人居所的不同。

  ② 现在的人们更关心经济利益。在过去,人们会更关心对方。(Human beings used to be more caring about others than about economic profit.) 现在社会越来越物质化(materialistic),把追求利益放在首位,所以不会去考虑对待别人的态度。

  ③ 过去人们更信任别人。(People in the past have more trust for others.)媒体中播报出的犯罪案件越来越多,人们潜意识(sub-consciously)里就不相信其他人,也没办法进行友好地交流。

  27. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is difficult for teachers to be both popular (students like them) and effective to help students learning.


  ① At first glance,being popular contradicts with the effectiveness of teaching.因为老师们想要popular among students,往往都不会太严格(strict)。It is understandable that a student tend to keep teachers at arm’s length(跟老师保持距离)if their teacher keeps a poker face all day long and sets strict rules in class.所以反过来说如果老师为了please students at the expense of being serious,那么the boundary between students and the teacher may be blurred.因此no wonder会有人质疑(suspect)学生一旦跟老师熟悉起来,那么他们上课时可能就不会把老师的要求当回事儿(take… seriously)这自然就会影响老师的正常教学也会影响学生的学习质量。However, when we take a closer look at this issue, 会发现想要同时做到popular和effectively conduct class并不是那么困难。

  ② 首先,老师们在设计自己的课堂的时候要充分结合学生的兴趣,将看似枯燥的学术知识(academic knowledge)用新颖(novel)有趣的方式表现出来。比如通过视频技术来给学生演示细胞发育成生命体的过程;让学生动手设计实验,自己去验证自己的想法,在讲解比较枯燥的数学公式时,题目的难度要设计的有针对性,不能一下子就难住学生而导致学生太挫败(frustrated),这样能让学生感受到学习的乐趣,老师也自然能在gain popularity的同时有效地进行了教学。

  ③ 其次,合理的课堂管理规则也可以让老师同时实现这两个目标。让学生多参与就是一种非常好的方法。比如老师在第一次上课时就让学生一起讨论并制定课堂好规则,跟学生确定好惩罚与奖励措施,并且可以给学生权利来自我管理。这样学生一方面能够感受到自己被尊重被重视,所以自然就会对老师更加尊敬,另外老师的课堂目标也能很容易地实现。

  28. Many university students are encouraged to study in those majors, which have an increase of job growth (more needed in the job market) like Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. What are your opinion about to choose those majors instead of what they are interested in?


  ① Interest can help students achieve greater success in their area. 解释:当一个人的专业是其兴趣与未来职业规划的结合体时(a combination of interest and future career plan),这无疑会促使一个人去花比别人更多的时间和努力去钻研自己的专业,那么即便这个专业不是one of the hottest major,学生仍有可能在该领域内获得很好的发展。并且这个学生会因为能够自己感兴趣的事情而感到快乐。(对比论证),相反情况,被迫使选择自己不感兴趣的专业,那么学生很可能一味地很纠结苦恼,并且无法完全沉浸在学习中。最终,即便这些学生学则的时hot major,但不能用心学习,不能在该领域去努力钻也,同样时无法得到好的未来发展的,并且不快乐。

  ② If students choose their interested majors by heart, the social competition tends to be naturally balanced. 解释:如果每个人都一味的去追逐所谓的热门专业,那么该领域的竞争必然会急剧加大(the competition in this major or area must increase dramatically)。这样发展下去(If so,),即便这是个社会需求量大的专业,也会因为人才过多而变得很难找到工作(even if it is a major in demand, it will become highly difficult for graduates to find job due to the superabundant job seekers)。

  ③ 让步:虽然说choosing a hot major seems guarantee a student a more stable future career development, which can be understood that the student might at least find a job for a living (最起码能找到一份谋生的工作). Nonetheless, 个人兴趣对于未来发展的不可忽视的影响(The influence of personal interests on future development),以及社会大环境的不断变化都应该被更多的考虑在大学专业的选择中。

  29. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Spending too much time on watching sports on TV and following your favorite team would have a bad effect on your life.


  ① 对体育的沉迷会破坏家庭和谐(the addition to sports is detrimental to family harmony)。解释:因为家理应是一个(family is supposed to be a place where members care about each other by...)大家通过倾听、表达、互助的方式来关心彼此的地方,而过分关注体育无疑会剥夺本属于家庭成员共有的“品质时间”(the obsession with sports would definitely deprive people of “quality time”)。举例论证

  ② 过分关注体育节目和体育队伍会影响身体健康(physical condition would be negatively affected by excessive attention to sports on TV as well as to sports teams)。解释:沉迷在某件事情上通常是要付出代价的(fascination with something often comes at a cost.)。人们追求体育明星、体育赛事,是以牺牲休息和锻炼的时间作为代价的(people go after sports stars and sports events at the sacrifice of losing opportunities to rest or exercise.)。举例论证

  ③ 让步:看体育节目和关注喜爱的体育队伍确实会给人带来一些好处。比如在社交场合(social occasions),体育可以成为新朋友间共同的谈资(sports can make an ideal topic among new friends),有利于人际交往。然而,如果我们无法平衡时间(if we fail to manage our time),这样的举动就会占用(encroach)工作、锻炼和与家人沟通的时间了。

  30. Which do you prefer? An interesting and challenging job with less vacation or a job with more vacation time but less fun.

  1. 个人发展- 天花板高, vacation被浪费

  2. 放松形式- challenge带来的满足,放松形式不仅局限于vacation

  3. 让步- 看起来轻松,实际工作量大并且疲惫压力大

  解题思路: More vacation time can provide people more opportunities to enjoy their mental lives.

  ① 人们有更多机会体验不同事物(First of all, people can have the chances to experience a lot of different things at their vacation time. An increasing number of people begin to have a distant trip in their vacations. It will be an unforgettable and special experience for me to have a close contact with the nature and learn more about the local culture and history of that region, which can expand my horizons and knowledge.)

  ② 在工作之前完全的休息好非常重要(In addition, there is a growing aware about how important it is to get full-relaxed before we go back to work. Besides doing sports, listening to music, watching movies or doing some other things are all good forms of relaxation. Those can refresh our mind from long-time brain work so that we can work even more efficiently and actively after the vacations.)

  ③ 假期时光也能更好地帮助我们经营家庭(Finally, another equally crucial aspect is that more holiday time are needed for us to reunite with our families. The working people really need to have more time to communicate with their families, so a long vacation time is required.)

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